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Trust is Finite, Loyalty is Six Degrees

The Story of Absynthia

This series is about a crew of mercenaries aboard the airship, The Absynthian. It is set on a mythical planet in the future. The overall mission of the Absynthian crew, under the orders of the secret Organization known as Tri-Aengle, is to destroy the totalitarian government and start a revolution that destroys the current society and its caste system. 1st mate Commander Vaja de Cardia, an assassin for the Organization, receives orders to kill prominent socialite Reeve St. Clair. So when he asks her to marry him she agrees for the sake of ease. Former Tri-Angle hit man and Vaja’s ex-lover, the ruthless Narius de Vaulte, has his own motives, including taking over Tri-Aengle, exposing Reeve’s family, creating an army of Cybertrons, and getting Vaja back. He just so happens to play by his own rules.

In the pilot, Vaja and Captain Synthia Ryan discuss the difficulties of hiding in plain sight and Vaja informs her captain the hit on her husband, Reeve will finally happen upon the ship’s return after this current cargo run. However, the ship is attacked and all crew suffer bouts of amnesia, putting their mission and the anticipated revolution in jeopardy. Synthia meets with Narius at a hidden location, and their own agenda begins to take place, while ship’s engineer Tea’ Embrosia is on the run from her abusive past. The seemingly innocent cargo run puts the entire crew in harm’s way, and the shipment Narius gives Synthia could be the answer to everyone’s questions.


As memories return, relationships form and decay, friendships are tested, and lives are at stake. Everyone will find out that Trust is Finite, and Loyalty is Six Degrees.

The screenplay for Absynthia has won several awards:

– Northeast Film Festival – Best Unproduced short screenplay 2015

– Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition – Best 1st Scene 2015

– Brightside Tavern Film Festival – Best Script -March 2016

– StarGate Intergalactic Scifi/Fantasy Film Festival – 2016

In addition, the screenplay has been accepted into and nominated by the following festivals:

– Back in the Box Screenplay category – 2015

– Eyecatcher Film Festival – 2015

– Newlife Film Fest & Screenplay Competition 2016

– Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival – 2016

– Selenite Film Festival (Finalist) – 2016

– Southern California Film Festival (SoCal) – Semi-Finalist – 2016

 – Cannes Latitude Film Festival (Finalist) – 2016

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