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Too High On Love

Appearing on ‘the secret keeper’ Monday 17th February 2014

'Safely Dangerous' by jk mccormack (c) jKm 2014

‘Safely Dangerous’ by Jk McCormack (c) jKm 2014

Too high on love
Go smashing
Feel the pounding

Trusting hearts
Drawing closer
Time expanding

Arms covering
Warmth spiraling
Blood arousing

Bodies combining
Spirits crying
High waves surging

Minds touching
Mouths whispering
Fires smoldering

Out of minds
Fantasies flying
Not disturbing

Curiosity soaring
Censors flat-lining
Eliminates controlling

Flesh melting
Skin glowing
Bliss achieving

Too high on love
Climb higher
Depths expanding

Await the closing

© jKm 2014

deep red rose triantafyllo

The Earth’s Prelude — Ludovico Einaudi

c3 v4li7in3 3s7 pour vous

Happy Valentine’s Day on the 14th

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About the Author:

“Never Tell Me I Can’t Do Something.” Words which make me feel challenged and pushed forward until what meets me is accomplished. It is within me to create from thoughts, images and sound. There are five questions: What? When? Where? How? And Why? My compulsion is to figure out answers to them all. I am a writer, poet, artist, blogger who uses her tools to search the unknown, to discover all the possibilities and impossibilities, and to live as full a life as imaginable. Jk the secret keeper
  • Cher Duncombe

    Jennifer, you are an amazing poet, as well as a good artist. It is wonderful to watch your creativity abound. The song is just beautiful.

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    • Jennifer Kiley

      Cher, your words help me reassure myself and I feel the encouragement. It is important to me to feel your perspective of what I am able to accomplish. You motivate me to keep growing in my writing and now that I have found a way back to creating abstract paintings where I receive a tremendous amount of release, I turn part of my focus in this direction and feel it growing in me. I allow myself to feel what I am creating. I know only as I feel and see what is being created what and when I have found the image in the vision it was meant to reach. In that moment, it tells me when to stop. It has grown in me and become a necessity to work on creating a painting. That part of me has finally returned. You are my mentor. The song felt soothing. Perfect to follow the poem. :-)

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