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“Though Passion May Have Strained”


“Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other is wrong.” – Paulo Coehlo


We can keep up pretenses; we can shrug; we can laugh
but we can’t trick the truth by each wearing a mask.
We’re trying to deny that things somehow went quite a way wrong
and strained, perhaps to breaking, what has held for so long
By going at it with hammers and tongs!
We each claimed we had right on our side.
But we know what took over was just obstinance and pride.
We each harbored anger and a thirst to prove who was right,
And we turned a discussion into a protracted fight.
We couldn’t call back taunts that set brother against brother
As too quickly allies morphed into some alien other!
On a day honoring gratitude, we each hardened our attitude and fumbled the chance
to give each other the gifts of understanding and true tolerance
The sad thing of it all is we were and are on the same team
With differing perspectives, not so contrary as for in the moment they seem.
The words we typed simply failed to convince or even to explain
who we each firmly believed were those most deserving of blame!
We still have the power to keep power to see the light
and sustain amity instead of this futile fight.
Not in hours of anguish nor moments of bliss
Would we ever have guessed things could end up like this!
So, the choice confronts us clearly,
Is it winning an argument or sustaining a friendship that we hold most dearly?

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  • jennifer kiley

    I am not certain how to respond. Your poem makes great points of meeting in the middle to work together. But I am afraid of what will be lost if what was our election ever really comes into fruition. It may be alright. Maybe. But my feelings are more doubtful & less optimistic than yours. I find the Pres Elect a dangerous & unscrupulous human. He appears to most I know the way I describe him. He is also not all there. And I feel like he is placing around him neo-members of the Fourth Reich, who will want to destroy any slimness of freedom or democracy we have left. Hopefully, the Congress will keep them without power. In two years, all could be rescued if it is not beyond repair. We will see. I am watching.

    Stay optimistic & keep your positive message moving forward. The debates when it was Dem vs Repub were destructive. DJT was a pig on all levels. Being a woman & having experiences with vile males from the time I was a child, makes me more wary of such a predator. How women could vote for him. No one who said they were voting for him ever could explain for me why in any reasonably rational way they wanted him to be the next president.

    Keep on writing your thought-provoking poems & essays & treatises…etc. Always a great mind expanding moment when I read your writing. Love your quotes.
    -- j.kiley ????????????

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