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The Tree



The tree where first we met

shaded us as I fell into your arms

giddy and spent, after you chased me

round it till I could run no more.

Squeals and laughter brought the

envy of onlookers as they spied our

perfect, private, public moment

tussling in the leaves…


All the world’s a stage.


Our tree in spring was vibrant green

and burgeoning with promise as we

picnic’d beneath it discussing all

our hopes, plans and dreams.

We happily languished in the

euphoria that is new love.


The tree, our tree, is barren now…

Under wet gray skies I cling to it

for support, lest I collapse into a pile

as you walk away with the pieces

of my heart.

Broken and hollow …I delicately trace

our initials once carved with enthusiasm

into the bark with all the others.


It occurs to me how many love stories

this tree must have seen play out…

I can only hope none of them have

ended as tragically as ours.


© 11/26/2013

Dani Heart







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  • When you’re in love, everything is important, everything is a part of it. And when it’s over, it seems as if the tree should have been struck by lightening, just as you were! Beautiful and sad, Dani.

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  • Thank you Melody..I am practicing my fiction. 🙂

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  • Cher Duncombe

    This poem is one that savors the newness of love and fears, as we all have, of its loss for any reason. Your writing has a melancholy beauty, Dani, that keeps us ever coming back for more.

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    • Dani Heart

      Thank you sweet Cher. This one just sort of came to me and I don’t know why. lol 🙂

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  • Anya Pham

    Very sweet and poignant! Your style suits the mood. 🙂

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  • Thank you Anya. 🙂

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