The Star

The red carpet


I have a
Long-held fear ~
That one day I will
Be found out ~

The word will
Get around ~
That I am not
The person they
Expected me to be ~

Then those who
Couldn’t wait
To be my friends ~

Will be the first to
Say ~ that they
Could always see
Right through me ~

Then they will sell me
To the tabloids ~
And dine out on me
Till I no longer trend ~

Of course this means
Another stint in rehab ~
Just one more of the many
Perks of popularity ~

Worst case scenario ~
It pays the bills ~
And keeps the wolf
Far from the door ~

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About the Author:

Born in a small, Illinois log cabin. No, that won't work. The pampered only child of incredibly wealthy parents. No, that doesn't fly either. Raised by French nuns after her aristocratic parents were beheaded. No, that's been done! An East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest, this notoriously late bloomer began her new life with a new career as a writer and blogger. She has taken to both the new location and the career move like a duck to water. Writing for Expats Post is a new adventure, and our intrepid risk-taker is diving in, feeling right at home with so many old friends.
Reached for comment she replied, "Okay, I wrote my bio, may I Please go out and play?"
We expect great, or perhaps merely more coherent, things from this writer. (Okay, that's a wrap. What a wacko!)

  • jennifer kiley

    The Find-Me-Out scenario. It is hardest to see who we are, so we depend on the reflection of others & strangers. Be assured you are who you think you are if you think you are extremely natural & talented in your writing. Not a compliment but a perception in my sense of reality. Feel the undercurrent of your poem. It is the perfect formation of ideas & words.

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    • Melody Haislip

      Jennifer, what would you do if you received this message? “Flee, all is discovered!” Both Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doyle supposedly sent similar telegrams to a dozen prominent men, all of whom packed up and left town immediately. I have to admit that thought flitted through my mind when I was writing this! :)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It comes from my tragic and well-known run-ins with the paparazzi — not!

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  • Larry Conley

    Scabbiness Melody! I knew you were something special.

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    • Melody Haislip

      Yes, Larry, my closet is jam-packed with skeletons! The paparazzi dog my steps wherever I go. Thank goodness that’s not true. It doesn’t sound like fun.

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      • Larry Conley

        That should have said: Scandalessness -- damn the auto-correct. I agree are paparazzo are a plague who hide behind freedom of the press for no good purpose.

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        • Melody Haislip

          Larry, there’s a Millennial Motto -- Damn the auto-correct -- Full speed ahead! Can you imagine someone from the 50s reading all of this and trying to understand what it means? Isn’t life Fascinating?

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          • Larry Conley


            It most assuredly is -- Fascination -- almost like a song lyric!

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