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The Patriots’ Creed


As a principled American patriot, I believe:

  1. Every person is born fully and equally human.
  2. As human beings, all persons, by nature have equal rights.
  3. Governments are created by humans to protect, respect, and secure the natural endowment of rights all people share.
  4. Proper governance must ensure all citizens have the full and equal protection of due process of law.
  5. The privileges, immunities, civil rights, and civil liberties of any American must rightfully extend to every American.
  6. No official at any level of American governance may rightfully disparage, diminish, or damage the equal privileges, immunities, civil rights, and civil liberties of any American.
  7. We will never make America a fully great place for anyone to live until we make it a genuinely good place for everyone to live.
  8. Americans share a duty to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and conduct their civic lives in true and active allegiance to it.
  9. Though no one American can do everything necessary to realize all of America’s ideals, but all Americans must do everything they can to help our nation live out the true meaning of its creed.
  10. No Americans of age must be impaired or impeded in the exercise of their voting rights.
  11. The just powers of governments throughout America come from the consent of the citizens.
  12. Every American of age has a fundamental civic duty to exercise the franchise, and failure to do so is a dereliction of duty.
  13. Americans who refuse to participate in the voting process corrode the social contract and fray the ties that bind America into one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  14. As Americans, we inherited a treasure trove of high and benign ideals. Honor binds all of us to resolutely defend and wisely deploy these treasures for the benefit of our compatriots and our posterity.
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