The Important and Insignificant

John Malkovich portraying Dorothea Lange's Migrant Worker Mother in California

John Malkovich portraying Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Worker Mother

The Important and Insignificant




Makers of distinctions

Determining the rankings

Powering up corruption


It’s time for…phasing out ‘Better then’

It’s time for…being inclusive

It’s time for…shutting out no one

It’s time for…representing everyone


Protect the environment

Homes for the homeless

Food for the starving

Wisdom for the ignorant

Empower the different


by ‘maggie the cat’

© jk 2016


[this is a growing power and a growing poem]
[hope to add new verses including the chorus]
[on Off the Rails – Track 451]

Which Side Are You On? – Pete Seeger

“The Important and Insignificant” is appearing also on Off the Rails – Track 451, a blog my partner Shawn MacKenzie created. We work on it together. She needs a place other than her Dragon’s Nest to Rant & I need more than ‘the secret keeper’ Here’s to Ranting & Needed Observations – Plus Fun Stuff too! ps. ‘maggie the cat’ is a pseudonym and wild as ‘Hell!’

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Words. Ideas. Visions. Sounds. Abstractions. Attract the Writer. Poet. Artist Inside of Me. Seeking Out the Unknown & Infinite Possibilities & Impossibilities. Living My Life Filled with Imagination & Creativity. Zen – j.kiley
  • Larry Conley

    In unity there is strength is an old and simple truth. What puzzles me is why in too many times and too many places too many people have too much difficulty learning and applying that truth!

    Well done, Jennifer Kiley!

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  • jennifer kiley

    We so need a unifying front if we are to move forward change for the good and the many. I will work more on this poem. I want to create a cry for taking care of everyone. To stop those who have from taking it all. Thank you Larry for your support. -- jk

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