The Evolution of a Dream – Teenage-Style

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of Creative Commons” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]What do you do when you discover you have a dream? How do you go about obtaining it? Planning is essential but being patient is an absolute requirement. The latter can be the hardest part of it all, especially when you are a child. So what to do next? Get to know everything about your dream! Immerse yourself.

As I mentioned before, I fell in love with the idea of going to England, but I was only a little girl. So what to do? It’s not like I could hop on the next jet plane and travel to Merry old England at my earliest whim. And it wasn’t like I didn’t beg and plead with my parents to take me. I had to wait and bide my time. Part of me even tried to forget about going to England for awhile. Heck, I even traveled to Germany and the then Soviet Union (Although I went to Moscow, I mostly visited what is now Ukraine) in 1984. That was an experience but it still wasn’t Britain.

Over the next decade or so, the England dream stayed right by my side, always there in some way, sometimes bonking me over the head with reminders. And, I’m afraid to admit, sometimes causing brief moments of insanity.

A year or two after I discovered my goal, Princess Di and Charles were married. Everywhere in the US the news of the nuptials was plastered on all magazine covers, news stories and TV.  I am pretty sure I watched the wedding, but I am absolutely certain that I watched the TV movie starring Catherine Oxenberg as Princess Di. How can I be so sure? Well, I watched it nearly every day for about 3 months because I taped it on the VCR recorder.  I didn’t care about the story so much, but seeing views of London, the British countryside and hearing everyone with the accents kept me mesmerized.

Once I got sick of that movie, I started watching television programs from Britain: All Creatures Great and Small, Are you Being Served? and I might have caught an episode or two of Doctor Who. Almost all of these were seen on PBS, but I looked for more British television shows. However, I was one of the unlucky kids who didn’t have cable growing up. Four channels was it, but I did rent a lot of movies and see a lot of films in the theatre, naturally. (Educating Rita, The Meaning of Life, An American Werewolf in London, Excalibur, Time Bandits and my first James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, just to name a few.)

By the time I reached mid-teens my desires had perhaps turned into an obsession. This might be the point in time where my patience was starting to wear a little thin as well, and mixed in with the lack of frontal lobe development it made for some bad decision-making. No, I did not try to talk in an English accent and convince everyone I was British. Honestly. I can’t do a British accent. (No matter how many times I tried.) Anyway…there is one HUGE problem mixing a dream within the teenage years…you go crazy!

Case in point: After seeing a British journalist report from wherever she was and saying her name as she was signing off, at the tail-end of summer 1985, I decided to change my name. Her name was Katy, however, the way she said it sounded more like ‘Kitey’.  So my thinking was, “If I change the spelling of my name, it will sound like everyone is British around me when they call on me. Yes!” Brilliant idea, right? Okay, maybe not, but I started off my sophomore year anyway with asking all my friends and teachers to call me Kitey. (Yes, I am totally embarrassed by this, but it gets worse.)

It lasted for a few months but being a girl, 14 years-old and prone to changing my mind I decided I didn’t like writing Kitey, so I switched again. This time I chose KT. Yes, for the same reason. The British have a tendency to pronounce my name with the clear emphasis on the “t”, unlike how Americans make it sound like a “d”.

My friends and family indulged me with my insanity on the second attempt of my dream’s evolution. But even that spelling didn’t last long and I went back to the original. Was I becoming less preoccupied with my dream? Not really. Distractions arose. Boys. Correction, British boys!

To be continued…

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  • Hey Katy,

    It’s fun glimpsing into your obsessions of youth. 🙂 It’s also interesting to learn that in 1984 you went to Germany and then on to the Ukraine because I was stationed at Rhein Main Air Base across the runway from the Frankfurt airport at that time. I never really imagined traveling to far away places but ended up living in them for years.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the story. 🙂

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    • A fun glimpse into my insanity, you mean, right? Haha…I am afraid to say Part 3 may be even more embarrassing for me but then it will/should take a turn. Now all I have to do is find the time to write it…so many movies to review at the moment (but I am NOT complaining -- this is my other dream that is coming true 🙂 )

      Frankfurt is actually where we stopped in Germany on our way to Moscow. We were there at the same time…haha 🙂

      Thanks, Dan!

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