Tapping into the divine: Maxim Cormier plays J.S. Bach


Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking on a lush field amidst the gentle singing of the birds. You are in a place away from the present and the past. This is the mood that award-winning Acadian/Métis guitarist, composer, producer Maxim Cormier who hails from Chéticamp, Nova Scotia has given me. He keeps inspired anyone who believes in the ‘less is more” with his new album Maxim Cormier plays J.S. Bach. I am a big fan of Bach music and I hope that he will release more recordings by this fabulous composer. screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-9-54-54-am_2_orig

It’s been quite a while since my last acquaintance with this gifted musician. A lot has changed. He is now sporting a new look in this album back cover. I like the subtle color of the album sleeves. It really gives you an idea what to expect when you start playing the album. The minimalist approach of using just a guitar highlights the nuance of any Bach composition. There is one surprise. Ave Maria which is the last track features Aurélie Cormier on vocals. I love it!

It is refreshing to hear a classical guitar instead of an organ or a harpsichord interpreting these tunes. Another interesting info I gather is that Cormier performs them with a flat pick on a steel strings. This differs from the norm, where classical guitar music is played without a pick on a nylon strings.  It is quite a challenge for music originally written for flute, lute, keyboard/voice.

This is one timeless album that is meant to be listened to across generations. So do check out “Maxim Cormier plays J.S. Bach” via iTunes and through his official website. We need a quiet and beautiful space in these troubling times. There are no words to describe this musical vision of his, as words are not needed. Just the senses and the ability to tap into the divine part of ourselves.


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