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Something to amuse

The Desolate Garden by Danny KempI’m waiting at the station for my train,

and guess what…it’s late again!

I wanted to get home for a tea and a scon,(e)

but by the time I get there, they’ll all be gone

Oh how tiresome it can be

Waiting on the platform patiently

Will I have to stand or can I get a seat?

I want to get home and have something to eat


Didn’t have a coffee didn’t get a beer

Wanted to get home with my head all clear

England’s on the tele…vision tonight

Hope they play well, and the result’s all right

Signals down the line on the blink a…gain

I want to swear, but I best refrain

They’ve moved it, the swines, instead of number three

It’s in at number nine….heaven help me!



There will be a rush, there always is

Don’t want a seat next to a Ms!

Sat next to one the other day

She was reading a book called Fifty Shades of Gray


Chuff, Chuff, wheels on fire,

get me home before I expire

Rolling carriages, blackberry sound

Can’t wait ’till my feet…touch the ground

Hope she’s there with the car,

don’t want to walk even though it’s not far


I’ve made decisions, all day long

Don’t let me bulk, at the last furlong

What was it, that was thrust upon me,

whilst I was waiting; near platform three?

Let me have a look, let me have a see

It might be something that benefits me

THE DESOLATE GARDEN, what can that be?

Oh, I see; a spy, murder….mystery!

Who is this Danny Kemp who has written this book?

Just before bed I’ll take a look:



 Hardback, Paperback, Kindle, Nook. Available on Amazon and forty internet sites worldwide. Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwell, Hatchards, Heywood Hill, and all major bookshops.

Published by New Generation Publishing.

Filming begins early next year in the United Arab Emirates and on location in London.

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About the Author:

I am 62 years old and embarking on another journey through life. I have been a London Policeman, a Publican, a mini cab business owner and a London Taxi Driver. 5 years ago, whilst at work, a lorry ran into the side of me and effectively put me out of work for almost three years, I've recovered now and back driving. Whilst I was laid up, I started to think of a story which turned into a Book that I sent off to various Literary Agents. I was fortunate in finding one that liked my tale. He sent it to the top fifteen publishers in that genre bur no one wanted me or my story. The agent did not give up on me, although I'm sure after my attempts on the internet he might have hoped that he'd done so, he encouraged me to write another. THE DESOLATE GARDEN a spy/murder/love story is due to be published shortly, starting, I hope, a new career in writing.
  • hsj

    Love this Danny. Thanks for sharing!

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  • It was a laugh. I used it as a marketing gimmick at one of London’s main Railway Stations just before Christmas. Will use it again soon.

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  • Danny, this reminds me of my daily commute from Wandsworth to Camden, a journey that took around an hour each way and included one bus, one train, on tube ride, should have took a taxi. Great marketing gimmick as well, a trapped audience, very clever.

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