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Slow Motion

Color Smear, Anya Pham

I mistrust moving objects
And the elastic habit of
Time in those micromoments of fear and
Impending death

And my own
Velocity – always hesitant
Pushed back by thirty years of
One voice and the pressure waves
Take your pick of reasons

But I want you to know
The swirling cascade of all I
Have to say about
How I am
And it doesn’t even matter

If I could let it ring out
The waves of my own voice might
Dance in slow

13 May 2014

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Slow Motion, 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

About the Author:

A work in progress...
  • Larry Conley

    Just learned the reality of a profound personal struggle of someone near and precious to me. This poem came at absolutely the right time for me and mine! Thank you Anya!

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    • Anya

      That’s really meaningful to hear, Larry. I wish the best for your loved one.

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  • Anya, I just gave your poem 10 stars because that’s as high as it goes. I would have given you a 12 if I could. Beautiful, poignant, engaging . . . these are a few of the words that come to me. Now I’m going to go read it again!!

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    • Anya

      You’re too kind, Melody!

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      • No, actually, I’m not. I meant every word! 🙂

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