The Daryl Chronicles: Episode 3

The Nuttians.


Earlier in that same day…

“Is the ship ready Captain Lackly?”

“Yes, yes it is Grand Mogas”

“So you had them attach the fins, and paint a moonscape on the side?”

“Oh yes Grand Mogas, oh yes.”

“Good, it just has to look good enough to lure them in. If I am correct the bogus signal we will broadcast should be enough to get their attention.”

“But Grand Mogas it seems like a lot of trouble to capture this unidentified alien. We aren’t normally in the business of alien napping.”

“Captain Lackly, you have such little vision. This alien is not from around here, and we’ve intercepted transmissions that have gone unanswered. It’s desperate to make contact with its own kind, and that gives us leverage. With the information we now have we know it has technologies that are different than ours. We must acquire those technologies and add them to our own. They could be worth a FORTUNE! We need to set a trap.”

“You are a genius Grand Mogas, a visionary genius!”

By now you have figured out that the Nuttians aren’t your normal Joes. They are far from normal really. They had inherited their advanced technology from their ancestors and had been the caretakers of it for a hundred generations. But this generation is different, they are greedy. Instead of using their technology for the betterment of human kind they are instead using it to make themselves ridiculously rich.

The part alien Nuttians leaked out technology piecemeal through their companies and made a fortune. Their products consisted of the latest and greatest computers, cell phones, and coffee makers that they produce. Technology their companies supposedly invented, but really hadn’t. When products start getting stale then the Nuttians dig back into their bag of tricks to come up with even better products, but just better enough to keep the gravy train tooting. Most of the great technology leaders of our day are Nuttians. All of the big tech. company CEOs like Steven Gates, Billy Jobs, and Zuck Markenberg are all arrogant, larger than life Nuttians.

So now they had their sights on Daryl. They didn’t really know it was Daryl, just that they were intercepting transmissions from a life form that was vastly different than they had encountered before, and it had technologies different than their own, and they wanted those. This generation’s greedfest was started by The Grand Mogas, the leader of this twisted band, and he is the person who broke rank with tradition and started the gravy train rolling.

The plan to catch the alien and its technology, (Daryl and his van), was simple. They had intercepted a transmission from the alien with a picture of a space craft. They then disguise a Nuttian ship to look as pictured in the file, and send out a bogus signal to lure the alien up. Then capture them with a giant magnetic claw. What could possibly go wrong?

The Nuttians didn’t do their space gig full time, as most of their members had day jobs. They mostly run corporations, or are sidekicks, and henchman to one of their profiteering leaders. They saw profits in this alien they were baiting. Did they need more cash? No, but it was their new nature to be greedy profiteers.

The loudspeaker blared throughout the hanger “20 minutes to launch, stand by for final preparations.” Grand Mogas wanted to be part of this operation, as he had been cooped up running his company “Crack Computers” for months, and he wanted some excitement. This was a golden opportunity to get out of the office and to be the one to get the first pick of the new technologies that they will be exploiting.

“10 minutes to launch.” Blared the speaker again.

Inside the Nuttian ship they were getting ready for takeoff. Captain Lackly addressed the crew through the intercom. “Crew, we are about to make a major score. Remember your training and stay focused. Now let’s go collect some treasure for The Grand Mogas!”

“Whoo Hoo! Yes! Mogas, Mogas, Mogas!” could be heard throughout the ship.

“3, 2, 1, deploy!”

The air system was turned on and the smell of an artificial environment soon filled the cabin. The disguised Nuttian ship rose without a sound. It was dark, so as not to solicit unwanted attention, and the shipt rose quietly until it reached 5000 feet. Then it took off into the sky. It was a rather anticlimactic experience with the inertia dampening field switched on. The crew didn’t even get to experience getting pushed back into their seats.

As they rose into the sky they could see the curvature of the earth, and space so lit up with stars and galaxies that it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. It was amazing.

Mahab’s voice cracked over the intercom system “People, people, listen up. I know the view is great, but let’s get our brains back in the game.” A tiny sigh could be heard, and people started concentrating on their control panels.

“Ping the alien.” The Grand Mogas instructed a minion at his terminal. That was the very moment that Daryl’s iPod started beeping. The game was on, so now all that was left to do was to wait for a reaction. The systems were checked, and the holding cell for the alien was prepped while they waited. They had no idea what it was, but when they captured it they knew that some government would pay a pretty penny for this specimen, and after hours of waiting their diligence paid off. Daryl had taken the bait and was on his way up, and Mogas was grinning.

“Activate cloak!” The Grand Mogas yelled as Daryl’s ship approached their location. “Ready the magnetic claw!”

Members of the crew could be seen pulling levers, and watching display screens at their locations. Mogas studied his screen “What is that, an old delivery van? You have got to be kidding me.” He mumbled to himself. But it didn’t matter. He was going to capture it, nasty old van or not.

“Steady… steady… FIRE!”

“Thump!” The Nuttian’s magnetic claw attached itself to the rear bumper of the van. A confused look could be seen over the crew’s faces when they realized that they had latched onto an old Chevy.

Captain Lackly noticed a flashing light on his control panel. “We are being hailed Grand Mogas.”

Mogas was astonished, “Really?” he replied. “Unexpected but I’m curious, open a channel.” Captain Lackly touched the panel, and to his surprise there was Daryl.

“Nuttian ship this is um, Daryl, release my ship at once. Who do you Nutters think you are? Going around latching onto people’s transportation with that claw thingy, it’s really quite rude you know.”

At first the Grand Mogas was stunned, but then after gathering his composure he made sure that Daryl could see his face. “I’m not sure how you know who we are, but it’s of no matter. You are our prisoner, and we are confiscating your flying, whatever it is. So be quiet as we reel you into our cargo bay. Prepare to be boarded.” The chain on the Nuttian claw started reeling Old Rusty toward their ship.

“Nuttians?” Daryl tapped on his control screen “tap tap tap, Nutians?” but they had been disconnected. “Ah man! I wish they hadn’t done that.” Daryl looked at Chester who has taking a nap on the back of the sofa. “Well Chester, I guess they leave me no choice, this just sucks! I didn’t want to have to do it, but these Nutters are leaving me no choice at all.” Daryl had anticipated this sort of thing a long time ago, and although the Nuttians are advanced, Daryl’s technologies made them look like cavemen, and there was no way he was going to let this bunch of flea pickers put him in a cage.

To be continued…

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  • Aaaah I was sitting with my nose glued to the screen Dan! I want to know what Daryl is going to do 🙂 Also, I want to have an advanced coffee maker. However, if Daryl’s technology make the Nuttians look like cavemen…I think I need to knock on his door and ask him for a cool coffee maker.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

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    • Hey TJ!

      Wow, nose glued to the screen, I like it. 🙂

      TJ, you probably already have an advanced coffee maker. Those Nuttians are just waiting for you to get tired of the one you have, (and it sound like you are there), then they will produce one just a little bit better. Daryl’s fun toys will be revealed in the episodes ahead 🙂

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  • Loving the series, Dan!!

    I am such a visual person that I keep trying to picture what Daryl looks like. Any possibility of sketch or some sort of likeness? 😉

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    • Thanks Katy!

      You need a better picture of what Daryl looks like eh? That tells me I haven’t done a good enough job of describing him, but that will be corrected. I just had a fantastic idea flash in my head as I wrote that, but I can’t reveal it. 😀 I couldn’t provide a sketch, that would be cheating, but that doesn’t stop others with that talent from coming up with their interpretations. I will say this though, Daryl is the unkempt type with way more concern with what he is doing than with his personal appearance, or hygiene. 🙂

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  • Hilarious. Keep ’em coming, Dan -- and DEFINITELY consider that Graphic Novel idea. You have a winner here. 🙂

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    • Thanks Julian! We will see where this leads, and I have episode 4 in the works. I think this whole project has really helped me bring fiction writing together for me, and I’m very much enjoying it. 🙂

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