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Saying “She Knew” | Dedicated to Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Innocent















Dedicated to Meryl Streep

Saying “She Knew”

Saying “She Knew”
When it’s a secret no one knows
Why would anyone know
Unless you are the victim
Or in on the conspiracy

The conspiracy to abuse
Abuse children
Women raped
Anyone could be murdered
Buying silence
Keeping silent

Why keep silent?
To keep alive
Your family
We’re in danger
Being kidnapped
Could get you killed

Unpredictable abusers
Yet you know you’ll be forced
Into vile positions
Freedom of choice ripped away

Abusers are responsible
No one knows is not to blame
The predators are guilty
Once they commit their first assault
They are guilty forever
No one else is to blame

The predators
Are the ones who know

© j.kiley
Stream . 12.21.17

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