Resolving Conflicting Reports on Israel and Gaza

Israel-Gaza Collateral Damage


After several obsessive weeks of helplessly absorbing news from an array of confounding perspectives about the Israel-Gaza conflict, this admittedly overpriveleged and far-removed US citizen camae to an ultimately exasperated conclusion…

Respectfully, fuck both sides of aggression. Also, fuck the current US government – or govercorp inc. – and American corporate media.
However, after reading this and realizing how easily compassion for mass psychological trauma in Gaza can be mistaken for anti-semitism, I’d like to be clear: I believe both sides still have a right to peace, a right to exist, to be recognized, without persecution or oppression. I do not see either Israel or Hamas as ‘rightful.’ Given their history and recent atrocities over the last month, the notion of righteousness on either side is an audacious absurdity.
Leaders and many people of Israel and Gaza have claimed the only resolution to nightmarish revolving deadly offensives is total obliteration of the other side.

Trust and compassion have been gutted from majorities and replaced with hatred, fear, and vengeance. Both Israel and Hamas have declared Gaza a battleground where civilians and children at play were acceptable casualties. Both sides have created another psychologically scarred generation.

Genocidal commentary and continued indiscriminate deadly force appears to come down to compounding psychological hysteria, false righteousness, and bigotry. 

What it actually comes down to, for me and others with only an ultimately distorted digital window into a universally disturbing man-made hell, is this: we’re not in a position to judge the words and feelings of anyone going through this first-hand. But we bear witness to what happens to entire generations taught to fear and hate – with minds and hearts mutilated beyond recognition.

Although we most likely don’t have the whole story, we see the sickness spill over again and again and some of us are very afraid of what may come next. Some of us want to lay blame. Some of us want yet another round of vengeful action.
This seems to be where the US government and corporate media play a role.
Officially, our government pretends to promote only defensive tactics, and is eager to see a peaceful resolution reached, but then continues to arm Israel to the teeth, even as periods of peace are granted.
Not only did the US resupply Israel with weapons and ammo from an emergency stockpile, even when there was no emergency request filed, we are filtering pro-Israel propaganda through mainstream corporate media to support Israel’s attacks on Gaza.
We can argue until infinity about right and wrong, ‘legitimate’ war and terrorism, but to claim support of one side over the other seems illogical and short-sighted. The trauma and blind hatred among Israelis and Palestinians is wretchedly understandable, and ultimately undeniable – as are persecuted sympathetic minorities occupying both sides.

The simple truth is openly considering many different published perspectives of this situation causes the illusion of a ‘rightful’ party to vanish completely, leaving the reality of dead civilians and children behind.

As peaceful negotiations take place in Cairo today, which will hopefully lead to a prolonged ceasefire, I want the people of Israel and Gaza to know I don’t pretend to know your unbearable agony. But I am against the hypocritical claims and actions of the US government and media, alongside the indiscriminate violence of Israel and Hamas. As allowed, vengeance travels with centrifugal momentum, until there is nothing left.
I have no place wishing away the long-tortured mentality of so many tormented souls. But, like all humans under all gods (or no gods at all), I still hope for the miracle of peace – for an end to their suffering. And note, however irrelevant the opinion of this outsider may be, that many of us recognize there is more than one truth.
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  • HurricaneDean

    Fantastic article Ramona. Welcome to Expats Post!

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  • Larry Conley


    I share much of your anguish. For me “the words and feelings of anyone going through this first hand” do not need judging. I look at and think about this within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [UDHR]. In that context, I believe Article 2 which says in part: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration without distinction of any kind,” and “Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional, international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs,”. Thus, both Palestinians and Israelis have the same complement of rights and freedoms and their residence in a recognized nation and an occupied territory does not change this. For this reason, all the hostilities are invalid and what is necessary is for the powers of the world to firmly and unitedly insist that this article be observed and the carnage stopped. It is not that the right thing to do is unknown; it is that the actors and their enablers are consciously refusing to do it. The UDHR is 66 years old and all peoples and nations need to do a much better job of implementing it throughout the world. Gaza is merely a particularly glaring example.

    Good effort at expressing the anguish so much provoked by this ongoing catastrophe. Wars are waged by choice and it is high time we realize, peace can be chosen too.


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