We Rise In Greatness (Tribute to Mothers)

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We gather around the world to celebrate the genius of who we are and from all the greatness that we have come.

We celebrate OUR Mothers

We celebrate OUR Mothers

OUR Mothers kisses, OUR Mothers strong holds, OUR Mothers guidance. OUR Mother’s pain; her love and life, her accomplishments and defeats, We celebrate the good and bad, because without the bad we could not know Good.

We Celebrate

We celebrate OUR Womanly hips, OUR Urban Curves, OUR Political Expressiveness OUR Sassy Humor, OUR Anthem, OUR Thick Thigh Dance, OUR Polished Nails, OUR Fancy Shoes, OUR Loose Lips, OUR Ambition, OUR Goals, OUR Dreams, OUR Thoughts.

For generations and lifetimes, Women have been kept hidden, closed mouthed, buried within themselves. Shamed for being “Who they were, are, and should be” … With our Sexuality, Our Felinity, Femininity, Our Gospel, Our beliefs, Our Strength, Our VOICE… We are GREAT!

GREAT! Gloriously Beautiful, The SIMPLICITY

The simplicity of “Who we are and What we do… IS Marvelous – just sit and Marvel at US…

LOOK AT US! LOOK around, Look at the Beauty.

The dimples, the age spots, the rolls, the wrinkles, the smile, the tender creases at the slants of our eyes, the placement of hands, the cross of ankles, the folds of arms, the straight of back, the boney legs and open nose. Our Breast, Our Wombs;
There is no denying WE are Great

When we “Rise Within… we show forth Without”

When we rise Within We Rise in achievement!

We Rise because of our daughters, our sisters, our mothers. With ever centimeter of a sisters foot, on firm ground, with every placement of strong foot, on shaky ground, Every step forward, We – WE WOMEN-Rise in Greatness”

In the genus of Who we are, In the twinkle of our daughters eye, In the glow of our Mother’s cheek, the sweetness of our grandmothers touch. In the laughter of our girl talk, In the flight of our dance, the hue of our love, the wake of our dreams…

We rise in Greatness.

So rise you Architect! Rise you Doctor! Rise You Teacher, Rise You Prophet, Rise You Singer! Rise you Dancer! Rise you Physicist! (Chemist) You Horticulturalist, You Politician, You Midwives, You Healers and Fix-it All’ers..

Women Rise in the greatest accomplishment of the world: A MOTHER

“Happy Mother’s Day” to my favorite Mothers and especially to my MOMMY.

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