I Believe

Originally appeared on “the secret keeper” 11th January 2014

Javier Navaretti – Open Water [Cracks – Soundtrack]

I believe.
I believe in you.
I believe in art.
I believe in love.
I believe in imagination.
I don’t so much believe in reality.

I am more into fantasy.
What one imagines
Becomes real.

Isn’t imagination
Something we create
From out of our dreams
And fantasies?

You are real
But also feel
Like the best part
Of my imagi-nation.

You give me
Such gifts
In your words.
Stating their reality.

If all becomes
A dream,
One after the other,
Or always
Was a dream,
And we continue on
Through our dream world.

Who decides
When to
Change it?

Love to create.
Imagine something tangible
In my mind
And placing it
Before me.

Trusting others
To share it.
To be kind.

Trusting myself
To know
When it is complete
Or when it is time again

Something new
Might be created.
The creating is
Not known
Until complete

And even then
May continue on
Into a new form.

When the time
Is now.

The sense of the real

The fine line
Ravels on
Its own

I think the pain
We feel
Are memories
Of being opened up
To waking nightmares

To torturers
Who find
A weakness
In the flesh
And leave
A lasting

Of those
That last too long
Beyond forever.

The side that feeds
Is the Muse,
Who becomes
The filter,
What to let through
And at what place
In time
To be revealed.

In your own
Special way,
You have helped
Giving guidance
Touching down into
A safe landing.

The veil
Is being lifted
The sight
Of a vision
Through the mesh

When it finds
A receptive being
To listen,
Hear, see,
Absorb, interpret,

Recreate in their own vision
And express it freely,
As it wants to appear.

It guides us
Within the mind

Sleep is calling
In sleep
We meet many
New things,
New happenings.
Ways of communicating

Within states of mind
Not in our control.
When asleep,
Don’t we give away
Our control?

Trust sleep?
Trusting sleep,
Is that safe?

What does
Sleep do
To any of us?

Do we know
Where we go
And can anything
We dream
Take us away
From our life?

A curious response.
Will read after I wake up

Love to know what I write
After I am awake again

© JkM 2014

Love Leaning - Artist Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

Love’s Ripple Dreaming – Artist Jk McCormack (c) JkM 2014

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About the Author:

Words. Ideas. Visions. Sounds. Abstractions. Attract the Writer. Poet. Artist Inside of Me. Seeking Out the Unknown & Infinite Possibilities & Impossibilities. Living My Life Filled with Imagination & Creativity. Zen – j.kiley
  • Cher Duncombe

    Simply beautiful, Jennifer, tinged with hope, beauty and a plaintive cry hidden beneath it all. Inspiring! The music and lovely art are great companions to this poem.

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    • You see what I hide. Inspiration echos. Thank you, Cher, for helping me recognize my voice. I am learning. It is important to show the truth being shown to my senses. When I go to write to you, the words flow. I find a poem wants to be set free. Tonight is the same. TY JkM

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  • A beautiful tribute to humanity. And yes beautiful music. I agree with Cher.

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    • Thank you Baxter. I try to encourage in my writing a way for people to understand, to know, to go beneath the surface. I love music. It is very important to life. I have been given a gift to discover music I never know I am looking for and somehow I find it in the most unusual places and the music amazes me. 🙂

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  • Larry Conley


    A beautiful trifecta. The poem, the music, the painting.

    I read and re-read the poem with the music playing. Then, I pondered the painting. It seemed to me, the music should be the theme of a motion picture and the poem should be the outline of the story therein told. The painting could be the last image one would see.

    “I am more into fantasy.
    What one imagines
    Becomes real.”


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  • Larry,

    So well told. I love your idea and have been learning how to write scripts. Oh, yes, the background would be so quietly electrified by this music. And the painting has the smooth rocking of waves with colors at the end of the rainbow.

    You and I agree. I would add wouldn’t it be a wonder if we thought of something in our fantasy and in less than a moment, presto, it appears before you.


    JkM 🙂

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