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A Veteran’s Tribute to Veterans


Many say that they – “love freedom.”
Even more, say they – “hate war!”
About all, I must wonder,
Have they no clue what went before?

Our land that’s “known as freedom,”
Was born out of war.
For freedom, never has been freely given
Nor sustained forever more.

Those who are known as veterans
Answered duty’s call.
They knew each would face some risk,
And others would hazard all.

Some came back hailed as heroes;
Some came back hardly known.
None came back full of self-importance,
And too many did not come home.

Before they could be veterans,
They had to train and learn.
They had to follow orders,
And face danger’s fearsome burn.

Many went to face the fire
Of a determined enemy.
Some stayed behind and served,
And they did so faithfully.

Something we must remember
In these turbulent and troubled times
Though veterans fought and struggled
They did not draw the battle lines.

In fighting for our country,
There is no color bar.
The uniform of America
Shows all who veterans are.

America’s ideals do much to inspire
But acting on them can incite wrath.
Thus, veterans have stepped forward
and followed duty’s rugged path.

Some fought valiantly in combat,
And others faced less danger – clearly.
But whether on the line or in the rear,
All reflected honor on the land they loved dearly.

Some during their service
Sustained wounds to body and mind.
Some survived, and others died,
But not one was left behind.

On the eleventh hour
Of November’s eleventh day
Americans should make the effort
To thank a veteran in some way.

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