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One Liberal’s Principles



John Quincy Adams gave the sound advice that regardless of whether a person is with the majority or in a minority of one, every vote should be cast in accordance with one’s principles. For by doing that, one can have the assurance no vote is ever wasted.

In these troubled times, it’s hard to find straight answers and draw the boundary lines between what’s wrong and right. The nation writhes and struggles with confusion.

We must keep faith with the ideals that long have served to guide us, and turn the page on the fears some seek to incite and fan within our union.

We must step forth and say we will not turn the other way. Though our backs might be against the wall, we must answer the trumpet’s ringing call and take on all odds for what we hold is true!

We must search our minds and hearts, and heed the voice of reason. Let’s draw the line and wade into the fray.  Never forget all of us must give some because some of us gave all. Our faith’s not blind, and through this darkness, it will guide us. For the spirit yet remains and we’re the keepers of the flame!

Despite the cacophony and tumult, one must find one’s core principles and while yet one draws breath make the commitment to take them to the limit!

Liberal secularists, affirm and actively advance seven core convictions:

  • The inherent worth and full equality of all persons regardless of shade, shape, size, status, or sexual orientation.


  • Reciprocity, fairness, and helpfulness in all human interactions.


  • A free and resolute search for truth, unity, peace, justice, security, prosperity and liberty for all.


  • The right of conscience and the requirement for equitable processes throughout our societies, and the world.


  • The need to fully implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


  • Respect for the interdependent web of existence and the enduring quest to understand humankind’s role in the Cosmos.


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