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Obsidian Skies by Peter Chains:I Love Making YouTube Videos!

Review is taking a backseat white I talk about my new passion: Making youtube videos.  More and more independent musicians, bloggers, gadget freaks etc are making youtube videos to promote their craft. Why do you think so? The answer is simple. Youtube is the easiest form of medium to share across networks. It has a way of reaching a lot of people. You probably heard news those who got record deals or became overnight sensations just because of youtube.

I am not a musician however, music is my passions and I love promoting the artists behind them. For me, writing sentences describing the way a certain song makes me feel is an art/craft in itself: because not many people do it. There are many songs that don’t get a lot of exposure simply because they don’t get to a lot people. This is the same with blogging. No one will really discover your expertise unless you sell yourself out there and also let people know that you are a blogger. The word is Marketing. And sure you can’t do it without a little PR. I think my years of training, working under customer service and dealing with irate callers bitching out about their damn phones that are not working, because they can’t find where the power button is such a good example. “Maam, did you press the power button to turn your computer/phone on?”

“Oh where is that?”

So going back to Peter’s song Obsidian Skies, I can say this is one of the strong tracks that I pinned down off his Carrion Crows EP.  I like the way he sounds when he sings any song. It is a kind of voice that leaves a lasting impression due to its resonant and haunting quality. I was talking to a fellow blogger in India and I passed the Carrion Crows EP to him. He told me he is going to write a post about it. The guy was saying how haunting his voice is!


I admit I am very much a newbie in making youtube videos. But I use windows movie maker. Now the scenes in that video is taken from an Alfred Hitchcock movie called “Birds.” I think it is one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. To think that’s it’s made in the 60s where computer technology was not yet invented is an awesome thing!

I don’t want to go into the generic, complete scene and then splice technique. I love the format used by music videos in which jumbles of at times incoherent images and scenes get thrown on the screen. And sometimes you don’t care because the music is more important. That is what I was trying to do here.


I attached this blurb t the video but it is worth posting here:

Obsidian Skies is probably one of his best songs. It is a strong track showcasing his haunting voice and amazing range. The banjo embellishes the energetic acoustic guitar often punctuated by odd scales. He displays that uncanny ability to shift vocal timbre separating the characteristic of his bass range from the higher end of his singing style, giving an illusion that two people could have sung this tune.

Obsidian Skies is the fourth track from Carrion Crows.

Taken from the EP Carrion Crows
Includes clips from Birds by Alfred Hitchcock and also clips of Peter Performing around Windsor area. The other one is shot in Ireland.
Buy the EP here:…

Visit the facebook page:…



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  • Baxter, I agree with you, YouTube videos are a great way to market oneself. I see many bloggers and writers turning to that format. I did it but think I am not cut out for that medium. One has to try all the social networking mediums to obtain exposure and YouTube is a must -- at least people should try it. 🙂

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  • Yes one must only use a medium that feels comfortable.And it isn’t really easy to break into the mainstream even with youtube. It has to be shared by people so it will gain more views. And people are just reluctant to do that. And I think I am a kind of fan that came from the old school who believes that support does not only mean saying ‘wow cool song.’ If you really believe in a product or a person for that matter then you have to go out of your way to do something about that. Be it blogging or posting. I think that is a real fan. And I know you understand this because you blog about something you are passionate about: Movies.

    I can actually imagine you doing a video of “Tired of Previews.” 😉

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