Now That’s Shameless Self-Promotion

Vermeer-A-Lady-Writing-Detail-handsI have been asked, nay begged, by some of my adoring fans, to give you an example of how I have grown as a blogger, since September 5, 2009, a day which will inevitably find its way into the history books. Looking back at the phosphorescent trail of my ascent, I too am rather astounded by my meteoric rise to fame. By my first, tentative baby steps into the dangerous, treacherous arena that is the world of blogging. Lovely Lady Luck must have been with me, because my very naïveté, instead of being my undoing, simply cast a golden glow all around me so that I became invisible to my enemies (those too fearful or evil to fall under my spell). Being born under a lucky star helps, too.

If you don’t believe it’s true, think back. Honestly now, how many of you date the true beginning of your writing life to the day you first read one of my posts? See how easy that was? Now, I would never ask anyone for money, even though I have a PenPal account, as who doesn’t these days? It’s the new banking. It’s just good to know these things about your friends. It gives you a warm, comforting feeling, just as reading my writing makes you feel comforted. So if gratitude should ever overflow your heart, you’ll be prepared to share with me as I have shared with you. (click on the link provided)

Now as you prepare to read my rather childlike first blog post, forgive my inexperience and consider how I have grown as a writer in less than a year. You, too, could make enormous strides in both your personal growth and your advancement as a writer, and I will be happy to guide you, even though it places huge demands on my personal time and skills. But read on, and I’m sure you will be impressed. And now with no further ado, I present:

                                                                 “My Firt Reel Blofg

Hi, this is mye first blovg I am riting for myshelf. My freind hepled mee do the other pots, but eye wanted two dew one frum skrach. She sed, ru shure, and eye sed yes, Im going to rite it by mye ownself; ewe r not the bos of me, so heer it is. Not mush going on twoday, butt remmember, ewe herd itt first rigth hear!”

(first published September 5, 2009)

Do I hear snickers from the audience? Yes, Dear Reader, it is amusing, but let your laughter be gentle; consider how this writer has grown. Will you follow in her footsteps? The choice is yours. The blog you save may be your own.

(Originally published July 11, 2010.)

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