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New Rench Album (Read Scenario #3)

Join the launch of a honky-tonk hip-hop weirdo space trucker music masterpiece by Emmy-nominated artist Rench with exclusive rewards!


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This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Wed, Jun 22 2016 6:15 AM EDT.

 About this project

My name is Rench. I am a musician and producer who combines country and hip-hop in groundbreaking ways. Since my bluegrass–hip–hop project Gangstagrass made the Emmy-nominated theme song to the FX series “Justified” I have been rocking that project: Making four albums (the most recent spent three weeks in the Billboard bluegrass chart’s top ten!) and touring nationally and internationally for the past seven years. It is awesomely fun, but there is more I want to bring to the world. I have been developing material for a new album of crazy honky–tonk songs with block-rocking beats, high lonesome harmonies, steel guitars, turntable scratches, harmonica beatboxing, and more! It’s time to make the next groundbreaking Rench album a reality!

I can’t do this alone. I need help transforming these sounds into a proper release people everywhere can purchase, and getting it into ears across the globe. I want those who appreciate the Rench sound to be my co-conspirators in this new adventure, so I’m preparing to make you my inner circle and give you unprecedented access to the usually top-secret process here at Rench Audio. Join the vanguard of the Rench revolution for exclusive items and VIP perks. Let’s bring a beautiful album to the world. I can’t wait for you to hear the totally new and unique sounds on it, and say “We did that!”

This ain’t my first rodeo. I have the Emmy nomination and a Billboard charting album to my name. I have self-released three solo albums and four Gangstagrass albums. I know my way around getting an album made and released. With your involvement, I am very excited about where this thing can go. These songs are so cool and there are fantastic musicians bringing them to life. There are crazy gritty beats and sonic production you expect from a Rench album. Some of these songs will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will make you shake your ass.

Amazing musicians bringing this album to life: Tina Lama, Bennett Paster, Glenn Spivak, CR Avery, Dan Whitener, PREPMODE, Mamie Minch, Kirsty Rock, Amanda Neill
Amazing musicians bringing this album to life: Tina Lama, Bennett Paster, Glenn Spivak, CR Avery, Dan Whitener, PREPMODE, Mamie Minch, Kirsty Rock, Amanda Neill

Click here for a few proof-of-concept samples of backing tracks in progress.

This campaign is about making you part of the team that will make this album a reality and bring it to a broad audience. Not just by pledging, but by sharing this campaign with your friends — post the link ( to your Facebook and Twitter, send emails, etc. to amplify your support and add your voice to the campaign.

I am currently calling the album “Them’s the Breaks.” Production is already underway. Soon all Super-VIP backers (thank you!) will get to hear rough mixes of songs that are candidates for the album, and will actually have input on these songs to help me make it the best album it can possibly be, as well as suggesting which songs make it on the album and which become bonus material for later!

I run my own studio where I have produced a dozen projects including the Emmy-nominated and Billboard-charting releases. Because it’s my studio, there are no studio rental fees, or costs for mixing! Shazam!

Here is where you join me and make it real! Your support will fund:

  • Manufacturing the CDs, USB drives, posters and shirts
  • Compensating the amazing musicians currently recording the music with me, who you will learn all about in updates to this campaign.
  • At least one high-quality music video (more if we get past our goal!)
  • A professional publicity campaign leading up to and following the release, including all graphic design, photos, artwork and publicist fees.

The more you support this campaign, the more we can do. Please spread the word and share this campaign, so we can exceed the goal and give this album the best possible shove out into the world!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who is pledging. As I make this awesome album in my little studio in Brooklyn, I get an extra warm feeling knowing you are out there rooting for this to go big. Your involvement is really appreciated — thank you so much for the support and for helping spread the word!

The “or more” next to each reward means you can add more to the pledge amount for that reward just to give more. It does not mean higher value pledge packages include those rewards unless specified.


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Risks and challenges

What might interfere with this thing going according to plan?

Three scenarios come to mind:

Scenario 1: I just need a little extra time to put the finishing touches on everything to make it extra perfect. I do work hard to make my productions every bit as good as I know they can be, and I am not going to send an album off to print unless it is just right. In this scenario the album would get to you and be released a month or two later than planned. This is an unlikely scenario. Over the last decade I have gotten good at allotting time to get it perfect and keeping everything on schedule.

Scenario 2: The studio is on fire and everything is on fire and I am on fire and total destruction is occurring. Should this happen, I will calmly send an update to all backers explaining that I am on fire and could someone please send help to put out the fire, and after healing I will get back on the horse and finish this album on a later time frame than expected. This scenario is also very unlikely.

Scenario 3: Zombie Apocalypse. In this case I think you are out of luck and will not be receiving your rewards. Since noise and light attract the zombies, I would not be making music. Also the internet and postal service will be gone, so I wouldn’t be able to send it to you anyway. This scenario is extremely unlikely.

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