My Mother is a Milky Way


Milky Way_IR Spitzer

My Mother is a Milky Way.
A galaxy with a billion luminous stars
swirling brilliantly around her heart.
My father's rocket has explored
only one one-hundredth of her world.
Like a rose
her petals are deep and generous.
She is magnificently fragrant
and more profound than love.
A flock of little birds rejoice
whenever she enters a room.
Cherubs play their harps
as she prepares our food.
I especially enjoy her mousse.
I don't know what it is about her
that makes my mind explode.
Yet, the fact is my mother is
an eternal spring of compassion
a tabernacle in pearls. 

Dean Walker



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About the Author:

Dean Walker is a freelance writer of articles, essays, short-stories, and poems. In one way or another, he has worked as an environmental and human rights activist. Dean is the publisher of Expats Post.
  • Melody Haislip

    Dean, that is profoundly beautiful. Your mind is a wondrous place.

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  • Larry Conley

    We are stardust:

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  • HurricaneDean

    Thanks Melody, for your kind words. Larry, At first, with that title, I thought you were we were going to listen to that beautiful Joni Mitchell song “Woodstock”. But this “Symphony of Science” was totally cool Thanks for sharing it with us.

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