More Is Better – Right?

I have more or less always prescribed to the theory that MORE IS BETTER, whether it actually is or not.


So, why would I think otherwise when washing my clothes. The dirtier the clothes, the more soap I place in the clothes washer.

However, I have noticed during the past few years that they only recommend 1/3 of a lid for most loads. But, they don’t know about my clothes. My clothes have always been, shall we say, “SPECIAL”. At times you might even be able to stand some of them up in a corner, and they would not fall down. So, don’t give me that 1/3 lid stuff. That just does not
fly with me.

So, for the past eight years or so, I have consistently placed at LEAST TWO FULL LIDS of liquid highly concentrated Tide or Wisk in the washing machine. The only problem I have encountered, up until last weekend on Father’s Day, was a slight itching sensation in my crotch and groin area. I never really thought about it much until last Sunday, when I was at my oldest daughter’s new home in her new hot tub. She has a gorgeous new swimming pool, but I opted for the hot tub.

I was having a lot of fun with my grandson, who was also with me in the hot tub. We were playing shark, hide-in-seek, and other great games that I vaguely remember playing more than sixty years ago. We had only been in the hot tub a few minutes, and I could not help but notice a lot of bubbles on the surface of the water in the hot tub. My daughter and her husband had turned on the mechanism that blows warm water out of the pipes, so I was not sure of what is supposed to occur in a hot tub. Perhaps bubbles were produced from all of the warm water being blown into the hot tub. But, these were some really large, Texas size bubbles. Some of them were the size of grapefruits. Well, everything in Texas is always bigger, so why not hot tub bubbles.

My daughter and her husband were planting some bushes around the pool, and they kept turning around and watching the bubbles fly past them. I could tell by their facial expressions, that they were perplexed about something. Even my five-year-old grandson was noticing the bubbles and laughing. What was producing all of the various sized bubbles?

My oldest daughter takes after her mother in the logic department, and she asked me, “Daddy, just exactly how much soap do you use when you was your clothes?” I was devastated to hear how little I could have been using all this time, and how much money I had wasted purchasing those large plastic bottles of soap. I sheepishly replied, “At least two full lid fulls”. I was proud of my reply, and hoped to see her smile in her approval. However, I received a lecture on CONCENTRATED SOAP that I should have heard many years before.

I apologized and hoped the bubbles would be quickly circulated out of their new hot tub and pool. I might just drive by their home, and see if any bubbles are floating over their fence. I sure hope I don’t see any bubbles, because I really love their hot tub.

When it comes to soap for washing clothes, more is not better.

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Have taught Oracle software classes for the past twenty-four years. Am trying to complete my third book, an autobiography, before it is too late. My first two books were about Oracle SQL*Plus.

  • Cher Duncombe

    Hilarious story! I have a hot tub and every time I’m in it from now on, I will think of this story and smile. After my mother passed away, my father bought a condo. All was fine till he put laundry detergent in the dishwasher! What is it about men and soap bubbles? 🙂

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  • Larry Conley

    Sounds like something I would do if I could manage to work the washing machine even remotely correctly. The additives would trip me up. Thanks for sharing this delightful and truly human story.

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  • Melody Haislip

    I really enjoyed your story. It sounds so like something I would do. I can’t believe that an ounce of soap will get out all the dirt, sweat, dust, etc. However, after I had to rewash a couple of loads I got the message. Hope your daughter lets you back in the hot tub. 🙂

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