Military Skills

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00002]Del has never had one relationship with a woman that didn’t end in a comical disaster. Strap has women that are waiting to castrate him if he is ever seen in their country again. Tack and Sanchez have information involving the Marine Corps in the Iran/Contra affair—information that will get them matching unmarked graves in the desert if the U.S. government ever finds them.

Fortunately the U.S. Marine Corps has given the four of them the skills they need to live off the grid in the middle of L.A. and hire themselves out as on-call aircraft mechanics to gun and drug runners south of the border.

But is it enough to keep them alive?


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rsz_mikebairdMike spent four years in the Marines in the mid-eighties followed by a continuing career as an aircraft mechanic with a major U.S air carrier. Mike currently lives with his wife and faithful Boxer companion in their home in Indiana constantly invaded by their grown and not so grown children and grandchildren.

He has spent the better part of his life conducting extensive research and testing of the human body’s ability to chemically separate liquids. Primarily, this testing has been focused on formulas derived from the fermentation of starches such as cereal grains, the most common being malted barley. The separation process results in the extraction of water and nitrogen as well as dissolved phosphates and potassium. The purpose of these experiments is to help establish the necessity of the human element in relation to the need for recycling fluids naturally.

Quite remarkably, these experiments are conducted simultaneously with another area of advanced research. This includes significant observation and testing of constant uninterrupted gravitational pull as it relates to inanimate objects. For testing purposes, this focuses primarily on barstools and lounge chairs. Invariably these experiments also seem to identify or elicit random areas or periods where gravity will cause an undesirable effect on the person conducting the experiment, causing them to rapidly and significantly decrease their distance in relation to the floor. #Beer

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I am a writer. Originally from Tennessee, I now live in Atlanta, GA. History, travel, and international culture are my specialties. Look for my fictional stories, written as Hunter S. Jones. If you love Tudor England, check out PHOENIX RISING a story of magic, secrets, betrayal and revenge based on the last hour of Anne Boleyn's life. Now on Amazon and in a bookstore near you.
  • M.T.Baird

    The inspiration for the book was an article written by Scott McCartney in the Wall Street Journal titled: “The Parking Lot where Pilots Sleep” and I was actually living in that very parking lot at the time. This is the same parking lot at LAX airport where the story for Knuckledraggers is based.

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