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For Nick Jones, Mr Instrumentalist it all starts and ends with music. Whether he’s writing and producing news stories for 713 News, or an episode of “My Neighborhood” on Houston’s Voice/Comcast, or cinematography, film scores and motion graphic design at his company, M.I.M. Music lays the foundation for everything he does.

“I started out making music and I see music in everything around me. The color red has a sound, emotions have sounds, a pretty lady can inspire a melody. The world is filled with so much beautiful scenery that most people don’t seem to notice. We are so busy tring to get to where we need to be that we don’t slow down and notice how lovely this world is.”

Born in Wichita, Kansas and whisked away to Houston, Texas at the age of 2, Mr Instrumentalist considers himself a native Houstonian. As a musician he is self taught and has a unique fingering style on the keys. “I think not playing in a predetermined pattern has helped me. I basically feel what I’m playing. It’s kind of like talking. You know how to make the words sound the way they do but you don’t know the scientific terms for whats going on with your body to make it all happen. It just feels right”.

Mr. Jones

As the Poet Reporter for 713 News, and as the producer of several series for Houston’s Voice/Comcast, Mr Instrumentalist does all of the writing, cinemetography, editing, graphics and narration and of course, the original music. “I’m always learning to do something to make my projects better. In fact not a day goes by where I don’t set out to learn something new. I have a burning desire for knowledge.

Mr Instrumentalist is currently working on a new funky mellow jazz album, is teaching motion graphics at the Ripley House Neighborhood Center in Houston, does all the graphics/chroma, and music for 713 News and talks are underway for an exciting, new series with Houston’s Voice/Comcast.

You will definitely want to keep up with Nick Jones as his amazing career continues. You gotta love this guy!

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  1. I’m hooked. Nick I love all you stand for.

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  2. avatar Mr Instrumentalist says:

    Thank you Victoria and I truly appreciate your support

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  3. This is a kind of music I can listen all day.If music is food. The music of Nick Jones would be like chocolate crunch laced with caramel dipped in wine.

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  4. wow Baxter. Thank you!

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  5. avatar hsj says:

    So glad you enjoyed meeting Nick. He is a gifted musician and his heart is solid gold.

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  6. Thank you HSJ I enjoy working with you. Richard Street thank you my man!

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