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Late-Night Skyclimbing

We were
Fourteen and a little
Intoxicated by angst and
Vodka and we’d
Clamber onto the roof
Late at night
Like dreamers
To be above the fray

We were 23 and had
Lost touch and been
Reunited by pointless
And we wandered up to
The roof
Late at night
Like lost souls to
Juxtapose the deaths of first
Dispassionately with the
Manhattan skyline

We were 24 and
I was shattered by the
Mortality of youth and lost
Senses of home
And we were intoxicated by
Lagers and ales and the
Satisfaction of international
Lives and we
Climbed onto the roof
Late at night
Like bohemians
To finish our drinking
In the after-hours

We were 29 and entangled
In misadventures with
Miscompanions and
We were exhausted with the
Effort but we
Scaled the ladder to the roof
Late at night
Like Greek sailors
To sleep under the cool open
Skies and wake in the
Blinding heat

We were
And stretching tender shoots of
Crumpled hearts towards
Each other in the
And on the roof
Late at night
Like lovers
Our gazes circled the
Globe in far
Away directions

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  • Dani Heart

    What a life you have had. 🙂 This is pretty.

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  • Anya Pham

    I seem to end up on a lot of rooftops (at night) in life. 🙂

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