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LA Punk Rocker

LA Punk Rocker


Fifteen stories of the punk era set in Los Angeles, written by LA Punk Queen Brenda Perlin and friends who lived every moment of an electric era in the City of Angels. That unique and precious time when punk rock was more than just a rebellion.

This is what Billy Idol had to say about L.A. Punk Rocker. “Pretty wild chapter on me…maybe u shouldv’e written my book, good luck with it..BFI.”

Inside you’ll discover Billy Idol. Iggy Pop. X. U2. Bad Religion. Tales of local punk rockers on the brink of glorious fame. Late nights at the Roxy. Wild times at the Whiskey with some of the best rock ever. Here you’ll find the in-your-face attitude, the clothes, the fashion, the sex, the music as hard as nails and fast as lightning.

Brenda and her friends were somewhere every night queuing backstage, in hotel rooms with the band, partying on the streets…and avoiding irate parents on school nights!

It’s all here.


LA Punk Rocker. The next thing to being there…

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Brenda Perlin is the author of several novels including The Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles. From memoirs to illustrated books, Brenda evokes passionate responses in her readers by using a provocatively unique writing style. Fractured Vows captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a personal struggle for emotional fulfillment. Learn more about Brenda on her website and her Author Central page.


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About the Author:

I am a writer of fiction, history & travel journalist. Originally from Tennessee, I now live in Atlanta, GA. History, travel, and international culture are my specialties. Look for my fictional stories, written as Hunter S. Jones. If you love history, check out Sexuality & Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare, an all-female collection of essays, coming soon from Pen & Sword Books.
  • Brenda Perlin

    Very nice post! You have no idea how shocked I was when Billy Idol wrote me back on Twitter. I felt faint and thought it must have been a mistake but it was really HIM!

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    • PeachtreeGlobal

      oMg! How cool is that?

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