Krymea: River of Blood

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Before the information age, it was possible to grow up believing in fairy tales rich in the promise of the American Dream, liberty and justice for all, with It’s A Small World After All our mantra and Aquarius as our anthem. We reeled from the assaults on our beloved Kennedys and Martin Luther King, embracing hand in hand the promise of his mountaintop dream, believing systemic change courtesy of the Rainbow Coalition to be possible, oblivious to the overwhelmingly seductive and determined capacity of war, profit, and sadism to continue ruling the roost.

Then came the awakening. We grew up to realize that into every life, at least a little rain falls. Into the lives of others, a torrent of torments lays waste upon their souls, stripping them bare of humanity. And then there are those in between, bent, but too strong and willful to be utterly broken. Capable of fiercely loving, committed to truth, demanding of personal responsibility, dead set against indiscriminate compromise for the sake of convenience, but fully disenfranchised from the very idea of mercy.

As the pendulum has swung throughout the history of mankind from optimism and at least the pretense of golden ages into dark blotches of brutal power heartlessly rendering unto itself, both the powerless and remorseful out of desperation and fear, have relinquished their worldview to belief in a theoretical righteousness through the mysterious workings of the universe, such as Karma, Hell, and their predecessor, the ancient Goddess Hecate. Hecate, as willing to embrace the warrior within her protection as to commit coward and predator alike to relentless agony, represented the threat of a living hell-to-come in the afterlife, as due payment for everything from gross misdeeds to meager failings of the spirit, completely at Her whim.

Krymea arises from too many disillusioning events, molding her into an amalgam of both victim and perpetrator, an in between who simultaneously embodies and suffers Hecate in the too real and living reign of hell, right here, right now, in this world. The collaborator be warned. Hecate is cleaning house.


About the author

Penning Krymea River of Blood, Lillian Taylor Štajnbaher indulged in long-held passions for crime noir and tales of espionage. “There’s nothing better on a rainy afternoon than being absorbed in the crosshair of hope and despair as a lone and abandoned soul edges through a maze of perils afoot. Give me Hitchcock, Bogie, or le Carré with cup of warm tea next to my easy chair, and I’m set.”

Lillian is a licensed attorney, practicing trademark law in South Florida. She received her Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of the Law, and Bachelors of Arts in political science from The Colorado College.

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