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I Don’t Hate You… but I Am Not Afraid of You.

I am the American-born daughter of Vietnamese immigrants.  I grew up all over America, and I have traveled all over the world and have been fortunate to get to know people from all kinds of places and backgrounds, from both ends of every demographic spectrum and many points along the way.  I am an educator and a sometimes-writer.   I strive to inspire people to think of new and fun ways they can explore their world, improve their lives and learn how to take better care of themselves so that everybody can advance rather than implode.

I normally don’t make political statements, because I normally am not looking for an argument.  And I don’t consider this a political statement, per se – maybe more an appeal to our humanity.

To the people who voted for bigotry and hatred out of their own fear, I am not a threat to you.  I am not against white people or old people or Christians or rich people or anyone.  I’m not interested in taking away anything from anybody.  I am only interested in helping to create a world where everyone gets more – more peace, more security, more harmony, more needs met, more personal fulfillment, more progress, more love and more self-validation.  To paraphrase Henry Rollins, I’m on the side of everyone being literate and having access to a good education and enough to eat and shelter and the ability to explore their interests and express themselves and be healthy human beings who contribute to the greater good of the planet and our species.  If you are against me, you’re the one with the problem, and the problem is not me.

I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, white or black or brown or yellow, dude or chick or anywhere in between.  If you are having a bad day, I will listen to you and empathize.  If you are having a problem, I will offer help in whatever way I can.  If you are suffering, I will offer you comfort.  If we are in a conflict, I will communicate openly and calmly and rationally with you about how we can resolve it.  But I will not allow you to dehumanize me or disrespect me or abuse me.  I care about you as a human being with all the potential of someone capable of great things.  I will not threaten you with violence or demean you or make you feel like your thoughts and ideas don’t matter, even if I don’t agree with you.  Come to me for cooperation and ideas and freedom from shame or embarrassment.  Come to me for an empathetic and patient ear, even if you’re angry and hurt and scared, and for someone who will try to help you find a way to feel and do better.   I have pretty good qualifications, if you ask around.

But do not come to me expecting me to be cowed by your violence and irrational hatred and fear.  You may be afraid of me, but I am not afraid of you.  There are too many wondrous and astounding things to experience and to be yet discovered in this world for either of us to waste our precious time on this earth that way.

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