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The Quintessential Multi-tasker

Multitasking Queen by Beverly Nadiu

Many people may know this about me..but some may not. I consider myself the Quintessential Multi-tasker.  I can do a variety of things at one time.  Actually, anything that has a timer on me means that I have time.

I run my own business (a daycare/school), a single mom, and home-school parent.. “Single” I did mention that right? What that means is that I do the teaching, counseling, repairing, medicating, disciplining, entertaining, and anything else that God forgot to mention in the 4 1/2 millimeter print of my life’s handbook.   With so many duties and so few time,  I try to figure out how I can do all of my numerous responsibilities at once..Only because (of course) I have other things to do.

I write in my sleep and organize my schedule while on the toilet.  I color my hair while giving the dog a bath (takes about the same amount of time).  Sing educational songs to the children…or entertain while doing the dishes. (I am the BEST Kitchen performer in the whole Midwest!!!) at least that’s what I hear.

I’ve been even known to where heels for a day, or walk for blocks in them just to tighten my calf muscles and thighs, if I didn’t have time to go to the gym.

This “multitasking” has always worked for me, until recently.

One beautiful morning, a painful awakening occurred.  I normally wake up for work at 5:30 a.m.  5 a.m. (if I want to get a jump-start on the day), well, on this particular day I overslept by 15 mins!

I quickly hop up, instantly I’m greeted by Max (the dog) he needs to go potty. Hurriedly with my bare feet smacking down the hall, I let him out and ….Oew!  The floors are filthy. Maple Hardwood floors with black scuff marks  all over them. “Dang!”  Gotta take care of it, today.

Okay, if it’s gonna take 10-15 mins for the wax on the floor to dry..that to me  means 2 mins to throw a load of laundry into the washer, take the clothes leftover from yesterday out of the drier.  5 mins to prepare breakfast. Boil water for tea/oatmeal/rice.  Grab the veggie sausage, can of biscuits, a large pan..throw it in the oven (bakes in about 10). Slice up fruit for breakfast and spinach leaves for the (green) which incidentally will work for the food for 2 of the pets..OMG the pets!  It’s 6:30!  I forgot to feed them last-night!  Grab the lizard out the cage, take him to his outside terrarium for sun and fresh air.  Get Lucy (the rabbit) out of her cage…let her run around for 30-40 mins..before daycare children arrive.. Put the turtle in the tub..just cause she has a nasty attitude in the morning..and I have to clean her cage.  Wait..the floor isn’t dry(yet)..Okay, put her on the back-porch with the lizard. Whoa..the grass needs cutting.  Hmm.. I better change clothes.. a dress won’t work today. 6:40..I won’t have time now. I’ll cut it at nap time.

Clean the animals bowls, drop in the food, replace water. Check on breakfast.  Fold the clothes. (Cool, the floors are dry)..let Max in.  Put clothes away.  Get the lessons for the day.  Answer the door.. “Good Morning!… Hey sweetie go in the playroom, while I make you something to eat”..Wait a min..Lucy’s out.  Ok.. sit here, while I put Lucy up. Grab a box of cereal, milk, bowl and spoon. “Here ya go sweetheart”.

Get cutesy.. back in cage. Check the breakfast, overcooked but consumable.

Quickly, to the bedroom to change into Jeans and Tank top.  Yank the dress off.. and….”Dammit!! Nair!”  Are you kidding me?  I Quickly, run to the bathroom to rinse but (of course) it’s too late.

See, I woke up late because I stayed at the gym an extra hour, because I didn’t go the day before.. (didn’t have time). I had just put on the Nair Hair Removal, when the first baby arrived.

“’s Wednesday, early day, 6 a.m. instead of 6:30. Shoot!”  Hurry and throw a dress over my head and exit the bathroom.

I completely forgot! Unfortunately, my pubis was far from pubescent and slathering olive oil and ice was of no help.

My only comfort was that I was glad it wasn’t the day to wash the dog. Otherwise, I’m sure I would be bald and scarred at both ends.

So?  What’s today’s lesson children?…Never attempt to accomplish too many things at one time..because you may end up with sores on your bottom.

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