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“Doesn’t have a point of view, Knows not where he’s going to, isn’t he a bit like you and me?”

Much has been said about and hands have been rung over the “real Romney.” Due to his incessant position switching and unvarying spinelessness, people cannot determine Mitt’s core principles. The reason is as obvious as it is overlooked. In his professional life, Mitt does not have convictions. He has ambitions and only ambitions.

There are no political principles or previously held positions that take precedence over Mitts raging ambition to be president. He does not want to be president to advance or extend political principles. He wants to be president to add the title to his CV and have an official presidential portrait hung in the White House. For Mitt the presidency is a prize on which he has long had covetous eyes.

Therefore, the reversals, switchbacks, and contortions Mitt is infamous for on political topics make perfect sense when viewed from the “whatever it takes” perspective of a politician on the make. The only constraint Mitt strives to observe is his calculation of political advantage. He will not say something he believes is on balance disadvantageous. For example, he would not signaled dead-end birthers that he feels their pain if he believed this was not a net advantage in his drive for the presidency. He would not have advocated self-deportation if he did not think inciting white fears was more helpful than intensifying Latino doubts.

When running for Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt spoke up for gay rights and vowed to “protect a woman’s right to choose.” Now he must capture the overwhelming majority of angry, resentful, white voters and he endorses the “human life amendment” and chooses a running mate with a 100% anti-choice voting record. Similarly, he denounces marriage equality and lauds DOMA.

As the Washington Post editorialized on August 25, 2012,

“In the case of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, part of what underlies the unease is an uncertainty about core beliefs. Every politician will change positions over a career; you’d worry if he or she didn’t. But few have covered as much ideological ground as the former Massachusetts governor: on abortion, stem cell research, health-care reform, gun control, immigration, gay rights, climate change and more…. His attacks on primary opponents … suggested an ethos of winning at any cost and a deficit of principle. The sketchiness of his policy proposals since then only aggravates the concern.”

The Post is accurate in all but one respect. What Mitt is doing and will continue to do is not suggestive of anything. It is the real Romney. He embodies and enacts “an ethos of winning at any cost and a deficit of principle.” Winning is all he cares about and the willingness to do anything, go to any length, stoop to any depth to win are the only principles he has.

In case, past examples of dishonesty and duplicity are insufficient to confirm Mitt’s ravenous ambition and utter lack of character, Mitt told Politico on August 27, 2012, “I do believe that people of this country are looking for someone who can get the country growing again with more jobs and more take-home pay, and I think they realize this president had four years to do that. … He got every piece of legislation he wanted passed, and it didn’t work. I think they want someone who has a different record, and I do.” This contention is fallacious to the point of absurdity. Mitt conveniently forgets Republican Congressional obstruction of the American Jobs Act that President Obama sent to Capitol Hill about a year ago. After two years of hollering “Where are the jobs?” the GOP leadership not only abandoned interest in the president’s proposal, it focused on repealing the ACA and passing anti-choice bills.

Furthermore, Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives,” disclosed: a dinner of leading Republicans held the night of Obama’s inauguration, where the following discussion took place for several hours in the Caucus Room (a high-end D.C. establishment), the Republicans plotted out ways to not just win back political power, but to also put the brakes on Obama’s legislative platform. “If you act like you’re the minority, you’re going to stay in the minority,” Draper quotes [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy [R-Calif.] as saying. “We’ve gotta challenge them on every single bill and challenge them on every single campaign.”

This being the case, how can even a person as oblivious and narrow-minded as Mitt believe for an instant, President Obama “got every piece of legislation he wanted passed?” Of course he does not believe it and he knows his contention is utterly false. But never forget, Mitt does not care about the truth. Perhaps Mitt on May 17, 2012, actually said it best: ” I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

The video sets many of Mitt’s greatest quits to music and helps refresh our memory of his sacrifice of all convictions to his ambitions.


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