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Fresh! ‘Cape Breton Guitar’ by ‘Maxim and Gervais Cormier

Would it be interesting to be part of the musical family? As a kid I was fascinated by The Sound of Music and how the Von Trapp family sang their way out of Nazi Austria. Growing up I got hold of bands performed by family members and also got into jams with family bands and it’s fascinating how they can take music and make it part of their everyday life-with ease!

Cape Breton Guitar is a new  album performed by father/son artists Maxim and Gervais Cormier. Such ease of giving attention to nuance and love for perfection can only possibly happen when both artists are from the same gene pool. There is no struggle there. They play with instinct using their mastery of musical knowledge which happens rarely. Maxim Cormier pulled my attention in 2013 when I heard his music for the first time and it is really to joy to know that this artist continues to hone his musical gift and also continues to record and perform in this difficult age of non-mainstream music. I give my two thumbs up to him for coming up with projects that are well-crafted and also minimalist.

There are nine tracks from Cape Breton Guitar:

1. Winston Jigs

The Way to Judique (Trad)

Chorus Jig (Trad)

Garcon Volange (Trad)

The Clay Pipe (Trad)

2. Hiawatha

Hiawatha (Trad)

Madam Sylvain (Trad)

The Banks (Parazotti)

The Earl of Hyndford (Trad)

3. Space Available

Space Available (Marcel Doucet)

Trip to Mabou Ridge (Dan Hughie MacEachern)

Arthur Muise (Jerry Holland)

Dave Norm-Away MacDonald’s Wedding Reel (Jerry Holland)

4. Beeswax

Rover’s Return (Trad)

Sheepskin and Beeswax (Trad)

5. Tears (Jerry Holland)

6. Caribou Reel

Taste of Gaelic (Trad)

Jenny’s (Trad)

Caribou Reel (Andy de Jarlis)

Ships are Sailing (Trad)

7. East Neuk O’ Fife

The Forth Brig (James Scott Skinner)

East Neuk O’ Fife (Trad. variations by J.S Skinner)

8. David Greenberg Jigs

Jackie and Mamie’s Jig (David Greenberg)

Buddy’s Detour (David Greenberg)
Francis Xavier Kennedy MacDonald (David Greenberg)
9. The Last March
The Last March (John Morris Rankin)
Lime Hill (Dan R MacDonald)

Hull’s Reel (John Morris Rankin)

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  If you are a Celtic music enthusiast then you came to a right review because I highly recommend this album. Especially if you are looking for traditional type involving only one or two instruments. I’ve been a love of vocal and instrumental jazz music for years and I really get this tribute to simplicity. Maxim Cormier’s artistry spans many genres including Classical, Jazz and Folk.
Gervais has been performing music since his early years. He usually did as an accompanist, using bass or rhythm guitar for many local bands around Cape Breton. His many talents include writing music (he co-wrote “La Gang Arrive” by the New Brunswick-based Acadian group 1755). In the late 1990s, he played bass with popular Maritimes band Brakin’ Tradition.
  There a lot of technical and aesthetic in Cape Breton Guitar. It surely a feast of the senses to be enjoyed when season grow colder or quieter and we long for that state close to nature.

Produced by Maxim Cormier & Sheppy

Image: Gervais Cormier courtesy of

Executive Producer: Alyssa Gallant
Recorded & Mixed by Mike Shepherd at Lakewind Sound (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
Photos & Design by Alyssa Gallant.
‘Cape Breton Guitar’ by ‘Maxim and Gervais Cormier is available for pre-sale at
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