A Resident

But that’s the thing

Although I resist

I do buy into the romanticism and mystery of life that others scorn

Why not?

If you don’t you’re left with reality

And for some people, that’s no great thing

So I get drunk every once in a while

And I get high when the need arises

And dream whenever possible

In order to increase the buffer and keep the malaise at bay

I am not the only one with this condition

You can believe that


*Inspired by the film Chelsea on the Rocks from which the above image was taken, no copyright intended*

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A Resident, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

About the Author:

Garry Crystal is a freelance writer living in the UK. His short stories and articles have appeared in print and online including Expats Post, The Andirondack Review, Turnrow Journal, Roadside Fiction and Orato. His first book Leaving London is available on Amazon and other retailers now. View My Profile

  • Cher Duncombe

    Garry, those who do scorn “romanticism and the mystery of life” become jaded and lose essential ingredients to exploring the beauty of life’s potential. I loved this poem, and the fact that you are not one of those people. Beautifully done!

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    • http://www.garrycrystal.blogspot.com/ Garry Crystal

      I watched the film Chelsea on the Rocks last night, a documentary about the hotel and what’s been happening to it. All these great characters, artists, writers, musicians who lived and still live there being forced out because it’s been bought over. It’s truly sad to see the images of how they have gutted this place, a landmark, and the way they have been treating the residents. Nothing is sacred to the money men who will turn something that was special into just another overpriced hotel clone. The Chetrit brothers congratulate themselves while destroying a piece of history.

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      • Cher Duncombe

        That is callous and wretchedly sad, Garry. One of the good things about my city is that they do their best to preserve such institutions, and even upgrade the building but maintain structural integrity. Such places have great historic significance and should be held in esteem.

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  • http://www.tiredofpreviews.com Katy Kern

    “And dream whenever possible
    In order to increase the buffer and keep the malaise at bay” -- Wonderful line.

    I am a huge advocate for preserving architecture. It started with the fact that I grew up in a house from 1918. Then went to college in Charleston, SC -- one of the best cities where its beauty lies in many of the wonderfully preserved buildings there -- many from 1800’s. I learned early on that we learn about best about ourselves if we keep our past in front of us -- unaltered and revered.

    Might check out the documentary but it might sadden me too much. We’ll see.

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  • http://thetrumpetsummons.blogspot.com/ Larry Conley


    Profound truths intended or not --

    “In order to increase the buffer and keep the malaise at bay

    I am not the only one with this condition

    You can believe that”

    Malaise is precisely the condition that threatens to overwhelm us all. Somehow we need to wake up the echoes of better days, better dreams, better selves. In the meanwhile, we need something or someone to get us through the night no matter the time of day.

    Really liked this post!


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  • http://juliangallo66.blogspot.com/ Julian Gallo

    Awesome Garry. A great poem. You need to write more of these. I never knew you had written any poetry! It’s a shame what happened to that hotel. I walked by it the other morning and you can already see the changes being made. There are new plaques up there now, touting who once lived there. Some of them were there before, others are clearly new, no doubt so the new “developers” can jack up the prices for the rooms now.

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  • Anya Pham

    I like this. It’s the first of your poetry I’ve ever read. :)

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