Michele Bachmann With Malice Aforethought

Photo by Chris Buck.

Photo by Chris Buck.

For those of you who don’t check HuffPo first thing every day, I learned in an article by Mollie Reilly, that Michele Bachmann is “ … considering suing President Barack Obama for allowing plans canceled under the Affordable Care Act to be extended through 2014.”

Perhaps she’d be interested to know that I’ve been considering a class action suit against her and the other Tea Party congressmen and others of their ilk, each of *whom took an oath, and I quote:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Two of their main and specific duties, are to make laws and to approve presidential appointments. Here they have failed on a massive scale and with extreme prejudice toward the twice-duly-elected President Obama. Their most recent capitulations were achieved only under threat of the famous “nuclear option”, which Senator Harry Reid is once more brandishing in an attempt to proceed with the hearings and appointments to fill long-empty court seats.

But I digress, Michele Bachmann, a Tea Partier to the core, came to the Capitol with an agenda which she has pushed, tirelessly and with malice. She has served her masters well. Any disagreement with her point of view is seen as an attack, and people who don’t agree are socialists, or worse. To her, being other than heterosexual is to be “other,” is to be wrong and dangerous. Whenever Bachmann herself is discovered to be doing something less than ethical, she responds by attacking Democrats and/or the President. She is a self-professed Christian with no love or compassion in her heart toward the people whom she purportedly represents. Whoever her successor turns out to be, it will almost certainly be an improvement.

* With the notable exception of Pete Sessions (R-TX) and newbie Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA). In January of 2011, the two were attending a fundraiser in preference to attending the swearing-in ceremony, and apparently they thought that raising their hands to the TV would be sufficient. They had to have their own swearing-in ceremony.

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  1. It angers me these pretend members of congress get full benefits including pay for doing absolutely nothing but undermine our President. Then after serving only one term they are rewarded with the best retirement package ever & for doing what?

    If you are hired [voting into office is a form of hiring if you win] then you receive your golden ticket. I feel there is time for change. If you don’t do what you were hired to do, you should be fired, no recommendations, lose your benefits along with your job. Be one of those you want the government to throw out onto the street all the time. Most were once referred to as soldiers or the mentally unhealthy. They both usually have brain malfunctions. These government officials who refuse to pass legislation b/c they can’t tolerate we have a Democrat & a Black President [the same person for those who have a difficult time remembering that President Obama is born in the USA & was elected to be our President two time], who wants to engage in creating giant strides of good in order to make great changes to our country, the United States of America.

    They even dare to use the name Tea Party, who are the revolutionary people who wanted our country to be free from taxation without representation. DO the T Party of today have any concept of what the revolutionaries wanted for our country? Of course not. It is evident in their lack of taking action to help return this country to its glory before the more recent Repubs trashed it & still want to trash it.

    When a person could go out & find a job or job choices the first day they started looking. Where a college degree & education meant something, not a tricky way to dupe our voters with lies & dogmatic rhetoric which holds no meaning. They make every effort to try to prevent the under privileged in this country the right to vote.

    We may have separated from Great Britain but their rules of Parliament gets rid of the rubbish that sit on those benches & they discuss what needs to be done. I don’t believe in the government now in Great Britain, not since Margaret Thatcher sold out the people with trying to give to the rich and steal from the poor to do it. Something like what is going on over here.

    Michelle Bachman is stepping down after her term is up. But not until after she, along with her co-horts, have made a mess of things, constantly blocking votes that would improve this country. Telling lies about Obamacare. Not giving it a chance to work. A huge change in the insurance plan for the USA with so many people, of course, is going to take some time for it to establish itself & to get the huge insurance companies in order & not playing dirty tricks by cancelling insurance plans rather than improving them as our President plans on their co-operation to carrying this out. Once again the Corporations & Money are behind trying to kill the poor & less than wealthy, so they maintain their gigantic raises in the amount of 8 or more digits. $18,000,000. Thats what 8 digits looks like. Do you think they are going to be hurting if a few zeros are missing? I mean even one zero.

    Editing is necessary for everything in life. Being stupid, you’re mostly born that way & it doesn’t get better if you don’t have the ability to learn. As Michelle Bachman & her co-horts have proven, they just seem to get dumber. I figure if they feel what they are doing is good for this country then they are even dumber then dumber and dumberer.

    Please create a law to fire people in congress if they aren’t doing their job. Why should they get the choice of great food & turn it down when the poor don’t get the choice of any food at all. After all taking away foodstamps is just going to make them thinner until they die far sooner than expected & without health insurance even quicker. :-(

    You are the Great Inspirator, Melody. Especially, the choice people with whom you write the truth.

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    • Jennifer, it seems like only yesterday that I wrote this article -- maybe that’s because it Was. Late this morning, after seeing a headline on my computer, I turned on my TV just in time to catch the story and then to see President Obama address it in a news conference. Harry Reid finally manned up over the “nuclear option”!

      I actually got goosebumps, which I guess proves what a political junkie I’ve become. But, dammit, it’s a big deal when a change gets made after 225 years. Now the President will be able to get his appointments made in a timely fashion, just as his predecessors had been able to do.

      I hear your frustration, Jennifer, and I feel it too, but today I feel something else -- hope! This is only a single step, but it’s a step in the right direction, and I’m going to take it as a good sign. To tailor a quote to the situation, “Sufficient unto the day is the Good thereof!” (Matthew)

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  2. avatar Larry Conley says:


    Michele B is the raving voice of malice and madness in Congress. She will be gone at the end of the 113th, but her malignant spirit will be carried forward by several.

    We need an exorcism!


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  3. Larry, she’s raving something. I’m leery of saying anything Too actionable in public. But one need only look into those spinning pupils to notice there is something deeply amiss.

    As for the exor thing, you’d never get close enough. But fear not for the future. I don’t really see a career for her as a lobbyist, but I can easily visualize Michele tripping along in Sarah’s well-shod footsteps.

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