John Boehner – Big Gavel, Small … Heart

Speaker Boehner and Friend.

Speaker Boehner and Friend.

I wouldn’t trade places with John Boehner for all the money in the world. Speaker Boehner has been, and is still, very, very, very, very bad at his job.

From the very first day, when he seized his oversize gavel from previous Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s small, capable hands, he has been trying and failing to fill her oversize shoes. When Representative Pelosi held the reins, things got done. Since Speaker Boehner has taken over, the 112th Congress and the 113th have vied for the title of least productive of all time.

Elected to the House of Representatives in 1990, the Ohio Republican has served in that body continuously since then. Long enough, and in such a variety of positions, as to be considered an “old pol” (not to be confused with an “old soul”). The Speaker is plenty savvy when it comes to getting things done … or not getting things done, whichever course of action is best for John Boehner.

Mr. Boehner is an emotional man, who cries at the drop of a Republican hat, but his emotions seem to be all on the surface. Or more likely, the tears are for himself and his tenuous hold on his gavel and his speakership. If he feels the least compassion for the people suffering under his “leadership” I have yet to see it.

To my intense embarrassment as a former member, John Boehner identifies himself as a Roman Catholic, but I have only seen him use his “Christianity” as a cloak or a bludgeon. Compare his complicity in the insane greed for power and money, and in taking food out of people’s mouths, and health care from the ill, with the recent photo of … and yes, I am, too, going there … Pope Francis embracing the man disfigured by tumors. That is Christianity, that is What Jesus Would Do, for those of you who ask themselves these questions. In fact, when I ask myself if I could embrace that poor man, who probably has not been touched with love for a long time, if ever, I’ve so far only gotten a very shaky ‘yes’.

As for the recent Republican machinations regarding the shutdown and the debt ceiling, Boehner is the one I blame the most. McConnell is smart to be worried about his own office and the serious fight he is waging already in his home state. Cruz is a dangerous (Canadian) clown and the rest of the Tea Partiers are greedy, venal and completely out of touch with reality. They see their lily-white America slipping away and they are truly terrified. Their hearts are so hard it makes me wonder if it’s painful to live that way. Heaven knows it’s painful for the other 99% of us!

But circling back to Speaker of the House John Boehner, he of the big gavel and the easy tears, he is also the one man in the House (and how the hell did that happen?) with the power to bring a vote to the floor or to block it. I don’t want to imagine the size of the Karmic payback he is arranging for himself!

And should he read this, I will say, Mr. Speaker Boehner, I am very angry, as you would be able to tell should you ever see this. Please note, however, that though I have spoken my mind, it is not my intent to show disrespect for your office. Frankly, you have already done enough of that for all of us. I simply want you to know, since you represent me in your position as Speaker of the [People’s] House of Representatives, that as one of your employers I am not happy because, simply put, you are not doing your job. I would be happy to discuss this with you at any time and I’m easy to find.

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  • I hope he does read this, but I doubt it would sink in. Could his tears reflect the way he feels about things, but he has no other choice, as he is being held captive by his mean-spirited cronies at the capitol? Or another explanation is that he’s really showing us his feminine side.

    Too bad Pope Francis cannot kick out of government those who hold our citizens hostage, like he did the Bling Bishop. They’re wanting to turn that over $42M residence into a soup kitchen!

    As ever, a wonderfully written and insightful article.

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  • Thank you, Theresa, however letting the pope kick congressional derriere, no matter how appealing it might sound, crosses that Separation of Church and State line, so that’s an ix-nay.

    I shouldn’t attempt to characterize his motives, since no one can see inside another’s heart. But if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s easy to make the leap.

    Thank you for your wonderfully kind comment.

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  • Larry Conley


    John Boehner exemplifies what I call the sociopathic ideology of the 21st century GOP. He is a coward, not a leader. He is a minion of predatory plutocrats.

    He and the ravenous wolves of his party need to be driven from office.

    Thanks for pointing out his shallowness and his self-centered concern for his career and his prerogatives. He is deplorable!

    Great piece!


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    • Larry, thank you. It’s very frustrating to know that Boehner Knows what he’s doing and the damage he’s helping do to our two party system and then does it anyway. He could go down in history as the man who finally brought gov’t unity, but he never will.

      My hope is that we can wake up enough people to get out and vote next year and, yes, drive them out of office!

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