Duality or Polarity






The choice we see is too often construed as “either – or”. It is sounder and wiser to consider it as “both -and”. Being or Non-being, Yin or Yang, Matter or Energy, Begin or End, Alive or Dead, are all poles on the complex circuit of reality. Matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed. Individuals and actions arise and face. While every one of us and every thing around us is neither imperishable nor everlasting the constituent materials and compelling forces endure and operate. All and each are part of and participants in the never-ending Cosmic flow. There is no supernatural; nature is all and enough. When this run of existence ends we merge again with the Cosmos around us. Whether we reincarnate or not is unclear, but we go nowhere but back to the field from which we arose and the force, whatever we conceive it to be is always with us.



Beauty is not a commodity, but a confluence.
Absolute being is altogether itself.
Labels arise from discerned difference.
Beauty emerges in contrast to ugliness.
Grandeur appears in comparison to the mundane.
Good arises in the presence of evil!

Sages lead without meddling;
they convince without contrivance.
Sages cultivate but do not dominate.
They labor, but not for advantage.
They struggle, but not for supremacy.

Sages seek neither profit nor praise,
They facilitate the process without manipulation.
They assert and they acquiesce.
Their actions are clear and generous
Thus, optimal outcomes are attained.

Verse 2

R. Lawrence Conley

7 August 2016


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