Flame for desire

Narrative Haiku

Desire tender touch
Craving arms surrounding flesh
Longing for warm sensations

Yearning to hear voice
Deep hunger cuts soul’s freedom
Possession wants returned sounds

Strong wish needing you
Deep hunger to feel your skin
Intense wish you were near me

Persistent longing
Impels to possess someone
Having what one desires now

Long desiring her
It’s so wild soft and tender
Feel as if I’ve turned liquid

Desires are sunshine
Radiating cravings’  glow
Through a dusty window pane

Nothing tangible
Nothing there to satisfy
Dream your own pleasure’s release

Temptations resist
Physical attractions melt
Sexual intimacies

Urge to write poem
Restless desires to act out
Inclination to wanting

Arousal’s heightened
Possess toys that awaken bliss
Passion wants strongly to scream

Lust’s hungering choice
Appetites missing its needs
Satisfactions come with wants

Hope’s optimistic
Wants to have fun while playing
Ambitions are to find dreams

Envy jealousy
Seek who attempts stealing mate
Reach for solutions pulls plug

Expectation’s seeking
Wish dreams came true when asked for
Want love to have its feelings

Healing with safe touch
Aspiration’s to feel loved
Aches wanting to claim needs met

Helping carefully
Lusting for you in absence
Passions aware of desire

Libido psychic
Lustful designs cause hunger
Success altering feelings

Come enter conflict
According to love’s desire
Gradually desires changing

Reason comes to mind
Remember senseless horrors
Innocence against one’s will

Knowing stops action
Injured self fighting them off
Social instinct keeps secrets

Remaining lonely
Satisfies that instinct bravely
Cleanness becomes obsessive

Decency knows not
The wound aches that will not heal
Ambitions to desire good

Aroused senses to respond
Aspiring lover wakes me

Jealousy haunts not
Covets lover no longer
Wants renewed vows awakened

© JkM 2014

Desires Internal Compulsion - Artist Jk McCormack © JkM 2014

Desires Internal Compulsion – Artist Jk McCormack © JkM 2014

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Words. Ideas. Visions. Sounds. Abstractions. Attract the Writer. Poet. Artist Inside of Me. Seeking Out the Unknown & Infinite Possibilities & Impossibilities. Living My Life Filled with Imagination & Creativity. Zen – j.kiley
  • Larry Conley


    I had to toss a blanket over my computer. After the flames went out, I was able to rate this. I only wish there was a twelve.


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  • Cher Duncombe

    Steamy, purring, and sensual but there is an undercurrent alluded to here that gives this several more layers in depth and contemplation of the past conflicting with present. This is an erotic ride, Jennifer.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
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