Contented, Not Contending



The wise can handle acclaim and fame, attacks and blame better than others because they demand more of themselves. For them, the approval of others is not a cause for celebration. Nor is the censure of others a source of  trepidation. The wise take cheers with equanimity and  handle jeers with composure. Sages seek to comport and present themselves as solid as rugged rocks, not as brightly as glittering gems.  They deal with popularity and avoidance calmly and treat those passing fancies just the same.

The Sage sets good work in motion and allows others to take the initiative.

The Sage sets no value on acclaim and nor fears exposure to blame.

The Sage allows others to shine and lusts not for the limelight.

Disregard for praise and indifference to attention conserves energy.

Composure amidst clamor thwarts efforts to ensnare and oppress.

Coveting wealth and chasing celebrity hardens the heart.

Cramming one’s dwelling with treasures makes it insecure.

Greed is the gravest of all crimes.

Haughtiness is the harbinger of bad times.

Strive to work meritoriously and having done so withdraw.

Such is the way of wisdom!

Verse 9

R. Lawrence Conley

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