Carlos Wilde Introduces The Jones Shuffle

Concepts or ideas just happen. One day, when questioning why writers and musicians were giving their work away for free, I pondered…What can I do to promote the work of others by driving readers to the websites of my friends?

The Jones Shuffle was born from that question. In upcoming blogs you will see different musicians and/or groups showcasing themselves via You Tube vids. I’ve asked them:

If you were on a desert island, what are the top ten songs you would take with you?

It is left up to the artists to decide how best to answer and perform their response.

So, without further ado, please let me introduce you to Carlos Wilde,  the first guest to perform The Jones Shuffle.

Carlos Wilde is an eclectic, intelligent and versatile singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. I will not mention how gorgeous he is. He composes in a wide range of music genres and produces as well. He has worked with musicians in various studio projects and has performed live throughout Europe.







Wilde’s songs have fared very well, some reaching #1 in their genres. You can find samples of his music on ReverbNation, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, MySpace, IndieGuild, and



His re-release CD Cocktail, available at Bandcamp, SoundCloud, iTunes and Amazon was recognized as a finalist in the International Online Music Awards 2005 for best album and best cover art. Wilde is currently getting airplay on radio stations in the UK and the US. Two of his tracks Staring at the Dark and Dreams from Cocktail, were featured on Localia TV. He also has two tracks released by Atom Sounds.

Wilde’s newest EP Not a Tortoise is available on ReverbNation, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. The track Living on a High is also available on CD Baby, iTunes and associated music retailers.

If you want to record or use his music for television, film, advertising, etc. please, do not hesitate to contact him. Any of these sites will work. Check him out.

Here’s Carlos Wilde and the World Premier of The Jones Shuffle!


Carlos Wilde introduces the Jones shuffle
Hunter S. Jones is an author and music blogger from Atlanta, GA. Her first published stories were for a local Underground Rock Publication in Nashville. Her debut novella, Fables of the Reconstruction, was released October 2012. Currently, look for her short story, Magic in Memphis in the Moon Rose Publishing Anthology, A Celtic Tapestry, published March 2013. New things are also happening on her music blog for Probably with this in mind we talked about doing something together and we called this bit The Jones Shuffle.

So here I was shuffling ideas for the shuffle and after pondering on the subject and giving it tremendous consideration, I would say for about 2 minutes, (lol), I decided to ask myself a question – well, I do ask myself a lot of questions but not in a shuffle situation. Anyway, the question is:”If I were stranded on an island, what singles, LPs, Cassettes, CDs, MP3s, 4s, iPods… would I take with me? I don’t have a lot of time to pack my fictitious suitcase to teleport myself to my imaginary island – “beam me up Scotty” type of thing, so I’d better get cracking. I would just like to say that I have chosen to mention the artists as opposed to a song – can you see yourself thinking of 12- 13 -14 songs to take with you when you’re running out of time? On top of that, my mind keeps reminding me that teleportation may result in my possible disintegration and/or fragmentation only to appear as a possible replica somewhere else. Will I recognize myself?

Anyway, let’s have a positive outlook on this – the worst that could happen is that I would need to have a serious conversation with myself and find out a bit more about me – so that said, I have decided to take with me in no particular order:

My guitar . I wouldn’t describe myself as a guitarist but when I’m playing with ideas in my head or humming a tune or creating one, or driving people crazy with my singing, a guitar comes in handy.

Joe Cocker, I like his voice, I like his style and every time I see a video of this guy performing “With a Little Help From My Friends” at Woodstock, it gives me the chills, goose bumps or even pimples if you prefer.

Jethro Tull, brilliant band, awesome tunes – “Thick as a Brick” and Aqualung” spring to mind. I have always been a fan of Ian Anderson’s artistry, especially as a flautist, and if I have one of those days when my uneasiness may be settling in after some time on the island, I’m hoping his delightful sounds from the flute will attract a nice mermaid to keep me company and if she decides to stay overnight I will be overjoyed without overreacting.

Queen, and with all due respect I don’t mean Elisabeth II, I mean those guys that rocked your socks off with many a hit led by Freddie Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara on the small spice island Zanzibar. The list of great songs is probably endless but my fave will always be “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Sex Pistols, if I’m in the “I Wanna Destroy” or in a “Rotten” mood, I think these boys can help me achieve this. One can like them or dislike them but they did cause a stir. A group of working class kids that took Britain by storm with tracks like “God Save The Queen”, “Anarchy in the Uk”, “Anarchy on the Island” – oh! Wait…, sorry, that hasn’t been written yet, we’ll have to see how things go on the island.

Herman Brood, known for his hedonistic lifestyle of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll,” Brood was an enfant terrible and a cultural figure. He has been called “the Netherlands’ greatest and only rock ‘n’ roll star. During my stay in Holland I had the pleasure of watching him play a number of times. Tracks like Rock ‘n Roll Junkie and Hot Shot are really cool Rock n Roll.

The Cars, if we were talking about means of transport a buggy would be much more suitable for the island, but we are talking music here and we are taking about an American pop/rock band that emerged from the New Wave music scene in the late 1970s. The band originated in Boston. I have always liked their sound and Ric’s and Ben’s vocal delivery. Unfortunately Ben Orr is no longer with us but the band has left its mark on the music scene, no doubt about that. Songs like “Just What I Needed” and “Drive” – show the versatility of this band.

U2, an Irish rock band from Dublin, Ireland. I have always enjoyed the band. I, myself met the boys on a number of occasions and thanks to another friend of mine working for them I got a VIP ticket for one the concerts in Dublin and it was brilliant – so for many reasons I’m taking them with me.

The Cure, one of my all time faves. 1st it was New Wave or post-punk if you will, then the band’s increasingly dark and tormented music helped form the gothic rock genre but R.Smith was keen to move past the gloomy reputation his band had acquired and began to place a pop touch into the band’s music as well as a unique stage look. I wouldn’t be able to pick a song cos there’s so many of them that I like.

AC/DC with Bon Scott for the buzz they gave me with songs like Highway to Hell, Shot Down in Flames and a Whole Lotta Rosie. That should boost my Power Station if I’m running low on energy.

Billy Idol. He was cool in Generation X but I prefer the work he did when he went solo. I also think that the partnership Steve Stevens and Billy Idol worked really well. Dancing With Myself, White Wedding and Rebel Yell are some of my faves.

Green Day…I like their attitude, their style, stuff they sing about. Green Day was originally part of the punk scene at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California , then with time – the usual – is the band a real punk rock band with all this success and everything? – I personally prefer to stay away from this type of stuff. There are always plenty of volunteers to put labels on you. For me, it’s simple – You either like the sound or you don’t. In this case, I do. And I would say the very same about the French- Canadian band Simple Plan. I like their sound, what they sing about and I also like their social consciousness.
That’s it. I’m outta here. Teleportation awaits me – so see ya when I see ya.

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About the Author:

Hello from Hunter S. Jones. I am a writer & author living in Atlanta, GA. I make things up & write them down. Look for my best selling indie novel, September Ends, currently on Cheers!

  • I know Hunter’s work and I’m big fan! Great post Carlos.

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    • Thank you Olga. Appreciated!

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  • Great selection, Carlos. Cool idea, too.

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    • Glad you liked it Tony!

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  • Im happy for you Carlos…:)

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  • Thanks Marco!

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  • hsj

    Carlos is such a true talent. It has been amazing working with him on this project. He is a true professional. Thank you Carlos!

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    • The pleasure was all mine Hunter. Thank you for the continued mutual support. Truly appreciated!

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  • Great compilation! A cool mix of talented musicians and entertainers. Let’s not forget that it is all accompanied by “Not A Tortoise” background music……..a “must” for the island also!!

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    • Thanks Angela. Well spotted, the “Not A Tortoise” background music. Cheers

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