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Brains On The Bathroom Floor

Lies… softly spoken.  A poem… with a disclaimer*.












Brains on the bathroom floor


Consciousness above me


Despair at life unlived

Responsibility relieved

Bucket made of bone

A sieve

Whispers of all doubt


*DISCLAIMER:  Bill Friday does not endorse suicide as a “solution” to the problems of life.  This disclaimer should be read, and strongly taken into consideration (possibly with the counsel of a mental health professional).

Copyright  © 2011 Bill Friday

[Previously published under the title, “Whispers… Believed”, Copyright © 2009 Bill Friday]

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  • I remember when this post originally came out, and it caused such a stir! Always giving the audience a bit of controversy.

    This is still my all-time favorite, but you already knew that 😉

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    • So you’ve said 😉

      I always feel like I have to put that legal language in there at the end… just because. Of course, with encouragement like this, who knows… there may need to be an “Expats Songs” section. If I can ever learn those three strong chords.

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  • WOW! simply…WOW!

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  • Whoa. Way to bring me down, Bill….(love it, though also not a fan of suicide)

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  • Drip, drip, drip
    I am feel colder
    Red rust stain
    White porcelian

    Like a painting
    Of stark reality
    Empty of feeling
    And devoid of meaning.

    Wish I had taken
    Dean’s Disclaimer notice
    Much more seriously
    Drip, drip, dr….

    Thanks Dean for a bit of tongue in the cheek poetry.. enjoyed fully.

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    • Frank,

      First, my name is Bill. Second, this wasn’t written tongue in cheek. Third, knowing those two things, I hope you can still enjoy it.

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      • Bill, thank you for correcting my impression. I have reread it. It is a very deep poem. Again thank you for correcting my thoughts.

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  • Anya Pham

    I lost a good friend to suicide almost 10 years ago, and I still find myself at times wondering what his last few days were like. I’ve heard from his parents the chronology of events leading up to it, but the emotional state is heartbreaking to contemplate. Thanks for sharing this.

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