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Bloggers for Movember

A few years back, I was invited to join the Movember Digital Challenge – led by Canadian social media maverick Sean Moffitt, and Movember co-founder Adam Garone –  as the Montreal chapter’s captain. Our mission was simple: to create a buzz and raise awareness/money on the digital networks for the fight against prostate cancer. The initiative was a smashing success: Movember YUL – the Montreal chapter – recruited over 30 web marketing and social media agencies, a few public figures/celebrities such as Justin Trudeau and fashion trend setters Three Monkeys, and raised over $169,000 as a network. It was 2010, and the last year I participated in the fundraiser.

The Ringmistress and Tiny Geek Travis Moen The Whispering Petunia

Movember has now become the gold standard for fundraising campaigns. It succeeded where other fundraisers have failed: it tapped into a younger demographic and the essence of cool. Hipsters love a good moustache. After an extremely successful year, I retired from my Movember efforts to pursue issues closer to my heart. Though prostate cancer is a noble cause, raising awareness around mental health issues resonated with me on a much deeper level. This doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t be an armchair campaigner. Therefore, I shall join the illustrious ranks of Movember Bloggers.

Bloggers for Movember

Introducing Bloggers for Movember, my latest brainchild: an online campaign to raise awareness for the fight against prostate cancer, and a few dollars for Movember. Why a sudden return among the ranks of other fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas? Not only does Movember raise awareness on prostate cancer issues, the fundraiser also “aims to reduce stigma, increase awareness and understanding of male mental health issues1“, including suicide and clinical depression. What are my goals? I want to gather writers from all blogging walks of life – WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, and raise awareness by:

  1. Writing posts during the month of Movember: an inspirational story about cancer, a story about destigmatizing mental health issues, a post showing your support to the cause, or;
  2. Joining other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas by either growing a moustache, or encouraging men around you to grow a moustache for one month, or;
  3. Posting pictures of your moustache, past or present, in a post, or;
  4. Making a donation to Bloggers for Movember, or;
  5. Adding this badge to your blog, as a show of support:Bloggers for Movember

Every post written and every picture posted will be shared on our Facebook page, Bloggers for Movember. Now if you need an extra push, how’s this: I have contacted Adam Garone and Sean Moffitt, and they gave us their blessings for the initiative. Sean has already joined the Facebook page, and Adam will soon follow…  How’s that for visibility? There will also be prizes to win, goodies to give away, and a few very special treats… very special treats indeed. I will posts all the details on October 29.

I will not be doing this alone: Mo Sistas Emily from The Waiting, Becca from 25ToFly, Christine from Misslisted, Roller Giraffe and Madame Weebles will be presiding over the festivities with me… This will be a blast! Registration is now open… Tell me, bloggers and readers, who’s with us? Questions? Ask!

1Movember: Programs we fund.

Movember 2012

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  • Happy to have your Movember campaign here on Expats Post! You’re a doing a great thing by pushing this cause.

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  • Le Clown, I’m pondering about an idea for you!

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  • Expat and co,
    Props on helping Bloggers for Movember raising awareness. This is pretty rad.
    Le Clown

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  • Great to have this article up at Expats Post. Thanks Le Clown!

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