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Tips From The Hostess

I love to eat out.  If you are like me you will have favorite tables where you like to sit at your favorite haunts.  My wife and I have even taken to learning the table numbers of our favorite tables.  Then you can ask the host/hostess when putting your name on the list.  Totally normal.  What I did not realize is how much goes in to seating.

All restaurants have areas that are more or less desirable depending on one’s taste.  In a perfect world servers are rotated so that they each will have shifts in the more desirable sections.  It is the host/hostess’s duty to try and distribute the wealth evenly among the servers that are working the floor.  This is no easy task because it is also their responsibility to make the customers happy by giving them a desirable location to enjoy their meal.  Here’s where it can get tricky dicky.

Sense of entitlement. 

There are some customers that actually ignore the host/hostess and just seat themselves where ever they please.  It is never necessary to do this.  It is the host/hostesses job to make you happy.  You need only to voice your preference.  There is never a good reason to be a jerk to the host/hostess. 

Musical Chairs

Customers who can’t decide where they want to sit and change tables sometimes more than once.  This creates havoc for the bussers and the servers.  They are all trying to serve you and every time you move you become someone else’s responsibility.  If you have say, ordered drinks already and decide to move your server loses their tip because likely you have moved into someone else’s section. The bussers then have to come and clean the table again, and the server has to cancel the drinks you ordered and make sure the new server adds them to the new ticket.  Depending on the system this could be super simple or not so simple and at best mildly annoying.

To be honest I had never given much thought to this until the day I saw a servers face fall after losing several tables through no fault of their own during a lunch rush.  It was a little heartbreaking actually.  I know it’s part of the job, but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

Now you would think that once the rush hits its peak all the sections will pretty much fill and everyone will get their fair share.  That’s what I used to think too.  On any given day the rush may or may not nearly fill the restaurant to capacity.  On the days that it doesn’t the servers with the less desirable sections end up not making much money.

As a hostess I do my best to even this out.

Is it still okay to have favorite tables and request them? Absolutely!  But if you are feeling generous and like good service you might now be more willing to go where ever the host/hostess would like to seat you.  I know I will.


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