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The People’s Climate Movement (PCM) is a coalition of numerous organizations working together to mobilize thousands of climate champions to stand up for our communities, health, jobs, and environment on April 29 at major march in Washington, DC – the People’s Climate March – and across the country to demand climate action.


What: March to demand action on the climate crisis

When: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Where: Washington, DC, with sister marches across the US

Hashtag: #ClimateMarch or #PeoplesClimate


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Involved

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 What exactly is The Climate Reality Project’s role in PCM?

Climate Reality is a member of PCM’s steering committee. This is the highest level of engagement within the coalition, and means we have a large role in the decision-making process.

What if I can’t make it to Washington, DC on April 29?

PCM is helping communities across the country organize sister marches for people who can’t make it to DC, but still want to be involved with the movement. If April 29 doesn’t work for you, there will be trainings and events happening the entire week leading up to the march, mainly in DC.

How can I get involved with PCM locally?

PCM is helping foster communication in communities across the country to coordinate local organizing tables. The organizing tables will be responsible for organizing sister marches, or transportation to the DC march. If you’re interested in joining a local organizing table, you’ll be able to participate in meetings, provide local knowledge and expertise, and invite others to the march. Please email Senior US Campaigns Organizer to learn more and get involved!

Why should we march?

We need a mass mobilization to stand up against the new administration and its congressional allies’ attacks on our climate and communities. It’s our chance to stand up and fight for a new clean energy economy that works for people and the planet. On the 100th day of the new presidency, April 29, we will demonstrate in DC and towns and cities across the country to demand action on the climate crisis.

What’s the difference between PCM and the March for Science?

The People’s Climate March is a movement to stand up for climate, jobs, and justice. While PCM is non-partisan, our goal is to stop all attacks on our climate and communities and put forward the vision of an economy that works for people and the planet. You can read more about our mission here.

The March for Science is a non-partisan event “dedicated to the robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.”

You can read more about this mission here.

So why don’t you just combine the marches?

While the climate crisis is an issue many March for Science organizers and participants care deeply about, the March for Science has a wider focus than just climate. It is focused exclusively on science, while the People’s Climate March is focused on climate, jobs, and justice.

The People’s Climate Movement cares deeply about science, but we are also focused on issues of social and economic justice. We believe strongly in the need to confront politicians who are rolling back protections on our climate, communities, and jobs, and put forward an alternative vision for an economy that works for the planet and everyone who lives on it.

We think these two mobilizations will fit well together. On April 22, Earth Day, the March for Science will stand up for science and help educate the public (and all of us!) about the threat of the climate crisis and the role of science in driving solutions. And then on April 29, the president’s 100th day in office, we’ll be part of the massive People’s Climate March to fight for climate action and clean energy jobs.
Educate, organize, mobilize. It’s a path forward for all of us who care about our communities, climate, and the future we need to build together.

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Show Your Interest and RSVP

Are you excited to march for climate justice and want to learn more about PCM? Take your first step by filling out our interest form so you can stay informed about the People’s Climate March.

If you’re ready to commit to marching on April 29, whether in Washington, DC or at a sister march, please fill out our RSVP form to stay up-to-date with the latest important information on the march.

 Sister Marches

Can’t make it to Washington on April 29? Sister marches are being held in communities across the country. You can check to see if there is a sister march being planned near you here. If no marches are being held in a town or city near you and you are interested in volunteering to organize one, learn more here.


Let your networks know about PCM, the People’s Climate March & your commitment to climate action by sharing your enthusiasm on social media.

 We are using two hashtags raise our voices about the march:

#ClimateMarch and #PeoplesClimate.

Join the revolution and spread the good word!


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