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Love vinyl? Still got the first 45 you or your dad owned? Well, guess what? it’s your lucky day. Isaac Slusarenko, owner of JackPot Records in Portland, Oregon has been in touch with me and he has some exciting news to share with us. Check this out…it’s the mother lode for vinyl lovers worldwide. Without further ado, let’s see what Isaac has to say.

1. Introduce yourself & Jackpot Records to our readers in 100 words or less.

I began working in the retail record industry in 1990 while I was attending college for a photography degree.   I decided to start Jackpot Records in 1997 on my own, in my hometown of Portland, OR with a goal of having a finely curated record store.   A store that would be organized, clean and unique plus have live instores.   We’ve hosted over 150 instores from bands like: Black Keys, Flaming lips, Sleater-Kinney, Ya Ho Wa.   In 2004 we started the record label and so far have over 30 releases from artists: The Wipers, Etta James, Jandek, Devo, and more.   Our first label release was Beauregarde LP from 1971.   He was a Portland Wrestler who went into a studio and wrote all the songs and lyrics, creating a private press masterpiece that is still sought after today.   We were recently voted as one of the Best Records Stores in the nation by Rolling Stone Magazine.
 2. It’s your 17th year. Yay! What can you share with us about your celebration?
For us, we’re trying to price as much used lp’s as we can is our goal.

We haven’t announced it yet, but we have five new releases/reissues coming out on Jackpot Records.

Mustafa Ozkent

First is Mustafa Ozkent “Genclik Ile Elele” LP – a Turkish Funk/Psych/Soul instrumental record from 1973.
We also are reissuing in 2016:
 Sun Ra – “Space Is The Place” LP
 Howlin’ Wolf – His Greatest Sides LP
 Super Super Blues Band – Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, & Howlin’ Wolf
 Silver Apples – Silver Apples
We got a few more surprise releases coming out too.
 3. What about your new inventory? (How great is that?) Did you actually receive over 100,000 new pieces of vinyl? 
Were are so excited about the new collection we have.  The inventory we obtained was all used.  The total was 80,000+ lp’s and 25,000+ 45’s.  We moved it all in 3 days and had to get 3 storage units to hold it all.  The albums were from a collector who starting in 1991 was buying records and just storing them in moving boxes.   Some of the boxes were labeled by genre, but not many.  So it’s a mystery as to what is in each box.

4. Are there certain genres which are more numerous? 

There has been lots of jazz, soundtracks, blues, rock, folk, international so far.  But also avant jazz records, indie rock, and soul

5. Any special editions that collectors can hope to discover?

Too soon to know yet but most likely YES.

6. What has been your biggest surprise found in the new stash? 

We haven’t really put a dent in the collection yet, but so far I was excited to see:  Neu 2 – original 1st pressing, Roy Orbison “Rocks The house” 1st pressing,  Phish “Farmhouse”, International Submarine Band.


7. How can we find you, or at least connect with Jackpot Records?

I’m usually here at the store, but online at or on our Facebook page.

You can find Isaac and Jackpot Records here…
Jackpot Records  
3574 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214  
P: 503-239-7561

Coming Soon on Jackpot Records

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place Howlin’ Wolf – His Greatest Sides – Super Super Blues Band – Howlin’Wolf, Bo Diddley & Muddy Waters – Silver Apples – s/t (1968)
Other Jackpot Releases:



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