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America is now AmeriKKKa to me!




America is now Amerika to me.
It’s no more the dream it used to be.
Nor the patriot’s pride in freedom won through pain.
And millions, once hopeful, now hope in vain.

(America no longer is America to me.)

Americans let the dream the dreamers dreamed—
Turn to dust and true patriot values go unredeemed.
And plutocrats connive while zealots scheme
So, white men rule, and others scream.!

(America is now Amerika to me.)

They let our lost land of Liberty
Become a fever swamp of xenophobic wrath.
And made “equal justice under law,” a vicious jest.
As hostility seethes, all along our looming path.

(America no longer is America to me.)

Who am I to mumble thoughts so dark?
And who am I to paint a scene so stark?

I am an aging veteran, lamenting honor torn and ripped apart,
I am the teacher witnessing the surge of his worst fears.
I am just a man who still strives to take a stand,
I am a voice shouting in horror at what stalks our beloved land—
And wondering if any one person can, decry the inhumanity of this plan
Of rich getting richer, and power preying on the weak.

I am the youth full of joyous feelings of hope,
To break the bondage of that ancient endless chain
Of privilege, profit, power, and greed!
Of the stranglehold on all the ways of satisfying need!
Of working over women and men day after day,
And seizing everything for through rapacious greed!

I am the one that lifelong dreamed the hallowed dream
Of a New World where one is neither a serf  nor a thing.
Like many before me, I have a dream strong, brave, and true,
That never will its mighty daring cease!
Its echoes resound from honored grave to humble home,
To penetrate vineyards where grapes of wrath once again grown.
America must not long stay what it has now.
But rise once more to be what it was meant and ought to be.
I am a patriot now searching for the land I once loved so fiercely—
For I’m the one who left home and went to war,
And the one who fought the bigots’ claim, and called out our nation’s shame,
I stood with brothers and sisters of every hue
To demand, they are recognized as Americans too!

We must never rest until Amerika becomes America again—
The land it should always have been but is not yet—
And must be—the land where every human being is finally free.
The land that cherishes all citizens regardless of shape, status, size, or shade—
And make America the multicolored wonder now only some can see.
Who together must find the faith and fight through the pain,
To bring back the hallowed dream and dare to dream it yet again.

So, yes, I stand to
Say it loud and plain,
America is now Amerika to me!
And yet I swear this solemn oath—
Amerika, America will not remain!

Out of the rack and ruin of our political death,
The rape and rot of graft, smears, skullduggery, and lies,
We, the people – all the people – must and will redeem
The land, the hearts, the homes, the lives.
And stir the embers and torches’ flame revive—
So, the dreamers will begin to dream anew—
And arise from their slumber to act strong, brave, and true
And make Amerika be America once again!

R. Lawrence Conley
09 November 2016
Inspired by the Langston Hughes poem:
Let America Be America Again

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