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Katy Kern

Joined on: December 4th, 2011


Movie reviews that won’t spoil the story with the critique. Movies are my passion and I want to share my opinion on the movies I see to give you more insight on what to see next.

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  • "Melody: I've been a savings nut lately. I don't know if it's the middle age thing or just my mother's voice telling me save, but I started really look" on Cutting the Ties That Bind
  • "Oh, Melody. I understand your pain (annoyance). I closed a credit card recently one I've had since the early 90's. Despite being an excellent customer" on Cutting the Ties That Bind
  • "This is your best short story to date! Congrats on the new book. :)" on Detours – A Short Story
  • "You are so welcome. My apologies for not commenting on this sooner but apparently I was marked as spam - ME!? haha....Great article again. Hope ma" on The Maniacal Echo Box
  • "Brilliant, Dan! Your last line says it all for me. Great article. :)" on The Maniacal Echo Box
  • "Great review/interview Julian & Dean. I really enjoy the poems when I first read them a few months ago. Reading this made me want to read them all" on “Hurricane: A Collection of Poems” by Dean Walker plus An Interview With The Author
  • "This does sound interesting. I was a pretty big fan of THE X-FILES. So we'll see. I know Amazon has many pilots premiering this season. I think 1" on First Look At Chris Carter’s New TV Series The After
  • "Oh, I don't usually like musicals but I make an exception with this one. I saw it in the theatre when it first came out. And I will admit I almost wal" on Moulin Rouge
  • ""The mark of a true artist is being able to transcend experiences, that way listeners can interpret their own feelings to the lyrics." This is so t" on Cold Windy Night And Don Beekeeper
  • "Julian, I absolutely loved this. What a great perspective about the last 30 years. And you brought me back to my seven year-old self. The white-out" on Letter To My Seven Year Old Self
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