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Janene Murphy


Joined on: January 6th, 2012


Janene Murphy is a stay at home mom with three kids who don't listen to her. Instead of letting Calgon take her away, she writes. If you want to waste more time, check out her website at

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  • "Very cool post, TJ. It really gives me something to think about. I don't think I'm attracted to people who look like me in a specific sense, but if I " on Mirrors in the Soul.
  • "I'm with you, Dan. The rich are calling too many shots Lobbyists and campaign contributions are a HUGE part of the problem. The government needs to do" on The Transfer of Wealth
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  • "Haha! Excellent point, my dear!" on Hollywood fantasies
  • "It would be fun, indeed! Think James Franco would do my laundry? That'd be cool." on Hollywood fantasies
  • "Well said, NP! It's an affliction I can live with. :)" on Hollywood fantasies
  • "Interesting fact, Melody. I had no idea!" on How To Be A Job Creator
  • "Hee hee! Go ahead and take Clooney. Just promise me if you ever get invited to his home in Italy you'll let me tag along. As for Cary Grant and Sean C" on Hollywood fantasies
  • "I agree, he's a cutie. And he seems like he'd be a good, dependable friend, too. As for Boo's comment -- so true! I could SO seeing her do that!" on Hollywood fantasies
  • "You just gave me a new mantra, Bill. Unfortunately, it's not one I can say out loud in front of the kids. ;)" on I Am Fucked No More
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