Officer Involved



An officer arrives with haste and wrath,
And scolds two youths for their chosen path;
While the sun shines down on the placid scene,
Events go wrong and the world turns mean.

Like the large and bold young man he so seems to be,
The teenager uses his strength to set himself free:
He breaks away and proceeds to run,
The officer curses, steps from the car, and pulls his gun.

For Death has come to this quiet street,
And soon one heart will cease to beat;
And the ears and eyes of the people looking on,
Will soon hear shots ring out and watch a life be gone!

And there in the street will lay the large young man,
As police swarm in and seemly plot and plan;
And his blood seeps out and stains the road,
Where only moments before he so cheerfully strode,

There lay the young man riddled and slain,
While his family and friend’s lives are wracked with pain.
And the dreams he had and the plans he made,
Are now all for naught and for ever more delayed.

Through windows neighbors look down on the tragic scene,
Of a summer day gone from wonderfully bright to horribly mean;
And the mystery of the gentle giant’s death for now remains unsolved,
What we know for sure is there truly was an Officer Involved!




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About the Author:

  • Such a tragic ending to a young life. Even with the avalanche of coverage, I wonder if we will ever know all the details. But I know I’m sickened by the loss of so many young men of color. What does it say of us as a nation that we kill so many of our own children? Thank you, Larry, for keeping the spotlight focused on this important issue.

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    • Larry Conley


      I think it says we are a people divided and that a sickness rages among us. We need to be the people we boast of being and leave this twisted thinking and horrible acting behind.

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  • jennifer kiley

    Larry, your poem gives me the chills. Feels like a spirit passed over. I’ve settle down now. It is disturbing, the whole situation in Ferguson and other places where stand your ground floats among the minds of the haves and have not. Young Black Men seem to be the victim just for walking freely as the citizens they are, with the dreams and futures are their before them. The chills return. Thank you for your bravery to put your thoughts out their to express to others who can see and open the eyes for those who don’t. I agree with you also Melody on your comment. It is the young ones who are dying.

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