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Baseless assertions repeated relentlessly are simply lies disguised as propositions.
Evidence is the only thing considered completely unnecessary by the witch hunters.
Noxious impacts on America and its politics of arouse no concern among the self-serving.
Genuine patriotism is conspicuously absent among the partisan inquisitors.
Hollow claims of sympathy for the fallen and their families are mere propaganda.
Ambition and antipathy are the true motivations of the self-righteous persecutors.
Zero worthy intentions fill the entire slate of goals pursued by these charlatans.
Infamy is the only proper outcome for those who make pawns of slain heroes.

Reactionary politicians and right-wing media have relentlessly conducted and actively campaigned for these unending investigations. The two groups have even coordinating with one another to skew evidence. “On February 6, Fox host Bill O’Reilly demanded that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) subpoena former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to re-litigate one of Fox’s favorite conspiracy theories, and on January 27, host Greta Van Susteren demanded the release of facts already in the public record.” Fox has since continued to push the Benghazi hoax — ignoring numerous, nonpartisan, competent investigations that have turned up no evidence of political scandal.

The Pentagon has reported that responding to requests from the inquisitors has “cost taxpayers and the Pentagon millions of dollars and wasted thousands of hours of personnel time, according to the Associated Press.” Beyond the squandered funds, inquisitions sow seeds of distrust, put grit in the gears of governance, and strain the bonds that connect us and rend the social contract.

Genuine investigations aimed at finding fact and developing solutions are often beneficial; show trials never are. Every person elected to federal office takes an oath to the Constitution. They swear to preserve, protect, and defend it. They vow true faith and allegiance to it. This means they will govern responsively and responsibly. Those who use their positions to obstruct and subvert the United States government are scoundrels and they are unfit for office.

These are again times that try our souls; will we prove to be summer soldiers and sunshine patriots or will we stand our country now and earn the love and thanks of men and women living and as yet unborn? Our votes and actions in the near and distant future will answer this definitively no matter what we say.

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  • Dani Heart

    You tell it like it is Larry. 🙂

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  • HurricaneDean

    I have a feeling the Repugs are going to drag this Benghazi crap out until the next presidential election in 2016.

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  • Cher Duncombe

    The Republicans are desperately afraid of Hillary. Period. They will continue to dredge up Benghazi to thwart her Presidential run and when that fails to work they will hone in on her supposed brain damage from a concussion in true Rovian style. Let’s tell her to put on a virtual helmet and truck through the muck and mire to a win in 2016!

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  • Larry Conley

    Thanks to all for their concurrence that Benghazi is the current Repugnican obsession. We cannot let them bay at the moon and deceive the citizenry that they are calling for justice or good government.

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  • Melody Haislip

    “Beyond the squandered funds, inquisitions sow seeds of distrust, put
    grit in the gears of governance, and strain the bonds that connect us
    and rend the social contract.” Dan, these words sum up the situation more succinctly than any others I have read (except, perhaps, for “Brainghazi” -- thanks Jon Stewart!). It’s simply shameful!

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