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A Veteran’s Tribute to Veterans

A Veteran’s Tribute to Veterans Many say that they – “love freedom.” Even more, say they – “hate war!” About all, I must wonder, Have they no clue what went before? Our land that’s “known as freedom,” Was born out of war. For freedom, never has been freely given Nor sustained forever more. Those who are known as veterans […]

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America is now AmeriKKKa to me!

America is now AmeriKKKa to me! America is now Amerika to me. It’s no more the dream it used to be. Nor the patriot’s pride in freedom won through pain. And millions, once hopeful, now hope in vain. (America no longer is America to me.) Americans let the dream the dreamers dreamed— Turn to dust and true patriot […]

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Trust is Finite, Loyalty is Six Degrees

Trust is Finite, Loyalty is Six Degrees

The Story of Absynthia This series is about a crew of mercenaries aboard the airship, The Absynthian. It is set on a mythical planet in the future. The overall mission of the Absynthian crew, under the orders of the secret Organization known as Tri-Aengle, is to destroy the totalitarian government and start a revolution that […]

The Patriots’ Creed

The Patriots’ Creed As a principled American patriot, I believe: Every person is born fully and equally human. As human beings, all persons, by nature have equal rights. Governments are created by humans to protect, respect, and secure the natural endowment of rights all people share. Proper governance must ensure all citizens have the full and equal […]

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Rivals for Elizabeth’s Crown

Rivals for Elizabeth’s Crown

by Gayle Hulme In 1575 Queen Elizabeth I of England had been ruling for 13 years.  The previous reigns of her younger half brother Edward VI and her elder sister Mary I had seen years of massive religious upheaval. Firstly with Edward VI moving the country to Protestantism and secondly, with Mary I, trying in […]

The #FirstFolio: The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare

The #FirstFolio: The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare

The First Folio: The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 – SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2016 The First Folio of Shakespeare, published in 1623, is one of the most famous books in the world—and for good reason. Published seven years after Shakespeare’s death, the First Folio was the first collected edition of William Shakespeare’s plays. […]


Fearfully! If one is at all attuned to American politics in November 2016, one will have heard the assertion – “I’m voting for change!” or some variation thereon. This statement is often as explanatory, but it is absurd. No reasonable and sensible citizen hopes, or works, or votes “for change.” People hope and work and […]

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Comey’s Craven, Corruptive Choice

Comey’s Craven, Corruptive Choice Many commentators have said that vague public disclosures of potential new developments in an investigation is a rare occurrence. While that statement is accurate, it is misleading for the simple fact that – “An F.B.I. director has never made such a disclosure to Congress so close to a presidential election.” Comey’s actions were […]

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